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Of Beating Hearts (NC-17)

Author: angryzen
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Bonnie Bennett and Jeremy Gilbert
Secondary Characters: Rudy Hopkins and Abby Bennett (with eventual appearances by Elena, Caroline, and Matt)
Pairing: Bonnie/Jeremy
Timeline: 4.15 and then it goes AU

Summary: They were no different, she and them. She had an advantage because of her powers, but in the end she hurt just as much as the kids her neighbors took to school, just as much as the reporters who lamented the death of seventeen-year-old Jeremy Gilbert.

Links: Here and Here
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TVD Podcast: Bring it On

JAJP’s 100th episode is marked by another of my co-hosts quitting. Thanks, Julie Plec! Julie also gifts me with an episode that will not matter in the long run: Elena’s switch is off, which means she has no feelings. So she rebels against the Salvatores and Caroline because she has no feelings, is jealous because she has no feelings, tries to murder Caroline because she has no feelings, and says she feels amazing because she has no feelings. Somewhere else in the episode, Klaus and Hayley try to create chemistry between them but then give up and just have the sex.

Quotes of the Podcast: “[Bonnie] is the person who could’ve kept the emotional weight of episode 15 going. She is the only character who could’ve done that. By keeping Bonnie out of this episode, they successfully made it so there was no emotional continuity between episode 15 and episode 16.”

“Stefan said at one point ‘this is what she wanted; this was her plan; she wanted us distracted so that she could leave.’ But that kind of makes no sense because that would mean that Elena knew that by throwing this party----this means that right after Elena dropped Caroline, she came up with the plan to kidnap her mother and try to kill Caroline. Stefan’s line says that Elena was planning to murder Caroline. You see what I’m saying? [....] So is Stefan saying that Elena was going to commit pre-meditated murder? [....] His line kind of makes no sense to me.”

“Tell me if you took the line another way, but I thought she means ‘technically’ as in having technique as a fighter. Going off of that meaning, I think it makes sense for it to be possible for someone who is a trained fighter to be able to overtake a vampire who only has brute strength on their side. But here’s the problem: being a technical fighter, being a trained fighter, has never factored into any other vampire winning a fight. [....] I call bs. Right when Caroline’s strength and speed made her a shoe-in to beat Elena, suddenly strength and speed are not enough; you need to be a trained fighter; there goes Caroline’s advantage.”


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TVD Podcast: Stand By Me

Guest: Cana

Cana joins me and a tipsy Olu to discuss Jeremy’s death, the different versions of Silas and Qetsiyah’s story, and Julie Plec’s post episode interviews.

Quotes of the Podcast: “They could’ve done this Elena wants to burn down the house, but they could’ve pushed that off. [...] They should’ve waited ‘til the end of the season for that. [...] Instead it’s happening in, what, episode 15? What’s gonna happen in episode 23?”-Olu

“Who is next? Because there has to be someone who’s next. Who are they going to kill next to make Elena cry? Because that’s always the point; that’s always the goal, let’s kill someone to make Elena cry, and I think the person who should be next on the chopping block is Bonnie, just from the set up of the show. They’re not going to kill the Salvatores. [So] who else can they kill where Elena will be like, ‘I can’t do this anymore; I can’t do this; I’m losing everyone that I love?’ Not Caroline. Not Matt. I think Bonnie would be the next big hit for Elena, because it’s all about Elena.”

“What else is wrong? That there’s a separate after life for supernatural creatures. What the hell do witches do about their partners who are not witches? Do they just never see them again? [....] Because if one of your parents is a witch, you’re gonna be a witch, which means half of your family might not be witches. So what the hell is going on there?”-Olu

“Everybody was alone, except for Elena, you know, whatever. But like, nobody slept over anybody’s house, nobody wanted company? Everybody wanted to be alone? After Jeremy died? Do a sleepover or something, ‘I don’t wanna be alone; Jeremy’s dead.’”-Cana


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TVD Podcast: Into the Wild

Co-host: Olu

Klaus poisons Caroline in order to make the shippers swoon, and we talk about the fact that Caroline reacts to the bite differently than every other vampire. Elena continues her rivalry with Rebekah in a way that doesn’t quite say ‘I’m pissed because you killed me,’ and we learn about who Shane got his Expression information from. Finally, Bonnie gropes a hot guy and manages to not start a forest fire.

Quotes of the Podcast: “I don’t understand this [Klaroline] ship. I don’t get it. I don’t know where it’s going. I don’t know why the writers are making these choices if they want people to like this thing.”

“So did [Caitlin] kill 12 people or no? This is so messy, this story.”

“Energy that doesn’t occur in Nature. Where does it occur? What is outside of Nature? [...] Where are they drawing it from? If it’s from another plane, isn’t that just Nature in another plane?”-Olu

“My problem is that no one’s around defending Nature. No one’s like, ‘Well maybe we should trust Nature because, you know, we’re not automatonic robots. We’re not living on a planet that’s a robot as well. We’re on earth.’”-Olu


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These Memories (NC-17)

Title: These Memories
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Caroline
Timeline: Daddy Issues AU
Summary: Bonnie's attempt to comfort Caroline after her ordeal with Brady leads the girls to cross a threshold in their friendship.

Part 1, Part 2

I'm not even going to try to c/p the third part because I know LJ will tell me it's too big. Instead here's an excerpt, followed by an external link to FF.net:

Caroline grinned when the backs of her knees hit the bed. She fell on it and scooted back while Bonnie prowled toward her on all fours. Her heart could sing, so happy was she. This was what she’d been waiting for since morning. It had been way too easy for her liking to imagine that last night might have been a dream or a one night stand. But it was daylight now; the sun shined through her slightly opened blinds, illuminating everything, and what she saw was the Bonnie from last night, the confident one who wanted her and who looked like she knew exactly what she wanted to do to her. They weren’t protected by the anonymity of night. The sun was out, and Bonnie was taking off her underwear. She fixed her pillow under her head and commited the feel of Bonnie’s hands on her thighs to memory. She bit her bottom lip when Bonnie seperated her legs.

Part 3
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TVD Podcast: A View To A Kill

Co-host: Olu

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Kol.

Quotes of the Podcast: ldquo;He is dead! Dead and gone; ashes to ashes; dust to dust. Burnt, went up in flames. Gone! Thank you for that writers, because it was exactly what we wanted, and it was great.”

n Stefan/Rebekah, “Rebekah’s making their scenes for me.”-Olu

“Why isn’t there mass panic with the vampires trying to re-group and rebuild their numbers? Humans should be under attack. If this show was worth anything, our ‘heroes’ would get word of that. A lot of people are being turned, because the vampires don’t want to go extinct.”

“I actually hope that [Bonnie] is wrong about [Expression], because there’s something about them spitting on the Spirits and Nature and basically the magic that basically protected Bonnie this whole time, spitting on it and saying it’s not good enough. Something about that annoys me a lot.”

“You wanna be above Nature? Say that you’re above the spirits. You’re not above Nature. You’re not above what’s compelling them to compel you.”-Olu


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TVD Podcast: Catch Me if You Can

Co-host: Olu

This episode blessed Olu and me with gifts: we both got Bonnie Expressing her anger and her powers, and Olu’s dream came true when Rebekah and Stefan engaged in some knife play foreplay. Bonnie and Rudy’s interactions continue to develop nicely, Jeremy shined, Kol shined, Shane shined, and there were other people in the episode.

Quotes of the Podcast “A bar of vampires. What do you call a group of vampires? A bar.”

“I’m really enjoying, more than I expected to, what they’re doing with Rudy. Because he’s clearly her father, and there are clearly issues there. [Bonnie’s like] ‘You’ve been absent, and you can’t act like you’ve been there,’ and he’s like: girl, I’m still your father.”-Olu

On the knife-play scene: “This is everything I’ve wanted from a Stefan and Rebekah scene since The End of the Affair.”-Olu

“When [Rebekah] said ‘I love other cultures,’ there was a part of me that was like: yeah, I bet you do, you freakin’ colonialist.”


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North Pole Magic

Title: North Pole Magic
Author angryzen
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Greta/Klaus
Timeline: A year after Greta ran off with Klaus and two years before the sacrifice in season 2.
Summary: Greta experiences her first Winter Solstice away from her family and with Klaus.

This fic is a gift fo razycrandomgirl. Happy Valentine's Day, Cana! I present you with a super late Christmas gift. Lol.

A/N: Klaus mentions the death of his parents. I'm mostly going with the info we had about Klaus circa season 2, AKA when Greta was alive, the one where Klaus killed his family. Only here, he only killed his parents


Greta had never really paid attention to Christmas, to the family of it all. She just always had her family.

“Mistletoe. For protection and prosperity.”

Her room had been quiet all day. She had lit a white candle the night before, on the twentieth. Noise, any noise that came from outside of her room, was negativity, so she lit a white candle and casted a spell to repel all of it. As long as the candle burned, silence reigned.

“Bough of fir. For protection.”

She walked barefoot around the circle she’d created. A green candle burned at it’s center. She had lit it eight days ago, and she’d meditated in front of it, same as she’d done with her father and Luka for as long as she could remember. Every night, she sat with it and closed her eyes and envisioned complete darkness. The Winter Solstice provided the shortest day and the longest night of the year, and she knew there was a place in the world where it was dark all day long, where, on the Winter Solstice, the sun never came up

Every night, she envisioned that place, what it would look like on the day, on this night.

And when she’d closed her eyes and meditated on this night, she had been there. The North pole. Only it wasn’t total darkness. She’d been surrounded by a million stars.

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Rate My Professor-NC-17

Autho angryzen
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Shane
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Professor Shane, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert.
Summary: College preparedness includes meeting your professor before the first day of class. A visit to Whitmore leads to Bonnie's first teacher evaluation, Caroline's turn as a mentor, and Elena's first blood high. 
Timeline: The tweets take place between 4.01 and 4.03.

A/N: For those who will wonder while reading, this argument was written two or maybe three weeks before 4.08 aired.
Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Part 5 of 6

The grounds of the building where Shane's office was located were quiet and sparse with people. The only ones around were the students leaving the building. Bonnie went inside and found one set of stairs. She'd worked on casting Elena and Caroline from her thoughts as she'd walked from the car. She needed her mood to improve.

She heard voices and once she got close to the handrail she saw Shane speaking to two students. He suddenly looked every bit the unattainable professor-adult-normal-non-Mystic Falls-resident who probably couldn’t fathom such things as torturing one's own grandmother.

Bonnie became verklempt and tried to be as quiet as possible as she ascended the steps. She resisted looking at Shane for an entirely different reason now. She felt out of place in her new scenery.

LJ says this chapter is entirely too big, so the rest (as well as the final chapter) is located here.

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Episode 6)

I am such a bad lj user. I need to add the rest of the Bonnie/Shane fic to this journal (all the chapters are available on ff.net and AO3), and I haven't linked the TVD podcast here in about a month (though I hope the people who use this journal to find the links still visited the blog for the new episodes).

Does anyone even visit this journal anymore? I kno cloiser_trish tops by when I post my season review of Smallville, but aside from Cana, Olu, and Mags, I wonder if I'm still on anyone's flist. Smh.


Whether people visit this journal or not, I'm going to resume reviewing Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I stopped watching it after episode 5 for no reason that I can remember. It was fun to read my reviews of episodes 1-5. I almost sound like a noob wrt reviewing tv shows. I was weird to read what I wrote about my dad's incident. That seems like such a long time ago, yet at the same time, I can't believe it's been almost three years since I last watched an episode of this show.

But onward!

Episode 6: Delicate Things

It's raining in the first scene, but no one's face is wet. Lol.

Spartacus has usurped Crixus as the Champion of Capua. I'm looking like Lucretia and Naevia: :/.

My God, the Shadow of Death messed Crixus up. Was that a blood bubble in his mouth? Ew.

Ooo. Spartacus will get Sura back, but she'll be a slave. Honestly? It could be worse. Hell, it was worse.

Aw, Barca is trying to buy his and Pietros' freedom. Same as Spartacus must now do for himself and Sura.

I knew Pietros wouldn't be here for Barca killing the family + that little boy! 

Oh, he didn't kill the little boy. -____-. Good, I guess.

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