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These Memories-NC-17 (1/3)
<lj user=karahalliwell>
Title: These Memories
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Caroline
Timeline: Daddy Issues AU
Summary: Bonnie's attempt to comfort Caroline after her ordeal with Brady leads the girls to cross a threshold in their friendship.
A/N: Dedicated to
ladygawain It's her fault I started seeing these two "this way." I hope you like it! This is my first time writing femslash (I've never edited a story so much in my life), so constructive criticism is more than welcomed.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.

Bonnie opened her eyes to utter darkness. The pressure on her bladder had become uncomfortably insistent. She doesn’t know how long ago she had woken up needing to go to the bathroom. She had chosen to ignore it and go back to sleep, but now she really had to go. She squeezed her thighs to keep it in and moaned lazily as she got up. The moonlight spilled through the half closed blinds, and she made a conscious decision to not look at Caroline’s bedside clock radio. They had school in the morning, and she did not want to know how little time she had left to sleep.

She swallowed and tasted the Lays chips she had eaten while she, Elena, and Caroline had talked. Before shuffling her way out of the room, she grabbed her toothbrush from her small duffel bag.  

Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness when she reached the bathroom, and she was so muddled that she did not hear the sniffing on the other side of the door. She opened it and turned on the light and was startled at Caroline’s presence. “Jesus,” she said, her stomach dropping to her knees.

Caroline had not heard her either, and she gasped, thinking that it was her mother. Seeing that it was only Bonnie, she sniffed and wiped her tears.

Bonnie frowned. She had not noticed that Caroline wasn’t in bed. “Hey,” she said softly, walking towards her.

Caroline was sitting on the toilet, legs drawn to her chest. Bonnie kneeled in front of her, and Caroline put her legs on the floor. Bonnie decided not to ask her if she was okay. She was not going to ask her what was wrong either. She already knew. “How long have you been in here?”

“I don’t know. Ten minutes, maybe,” Caroline answered sadly.

Bonnie reached for her hand and felt the tell tale buzz, the clue that Caroline was a vampire, when they touched. She had paid attention to her friend through the night and had seen how, even though Caroline had decided at one point that she did not want to talk about it anymore, she could not mask the hurt she felt after what she had gone through. “You’re okay now. You’re safe,” she assured her while rubbing her thumb across the top of her hand.

“I had a dream about it, him. I dreamt that I wasn’t really out,” she sobbed and she started to tremble.

Bonnie let go of her hand, put her toothbrush on the sink, and reclaimed her position on the floor, this time encasing both of Caroline’s hands in hers. She squeezed hard. “It was only a dream,” she said, rubbing her friend’s hands in hopes of putting a stop to the trembling.

Caroline nodded. It was only a dream, but her ordeal earlier had been very real. “He shot me in the head,” she said, her voice fracturing. She wanted to get over it, she wanted to be strong and move on, but that did not seem to be in the cards for the moment.

Bonnie felt completely helpless. She knew she was saying the right things, but she was frustrated that the words were not powerful enough to make Caroline feel better. ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘it’s okay,’ ‘you’re safe,’ don’t seem adequate. They ring quite empty in her mind.

“I hate thinking about it, but I can’t unsee it.” She was getting even more worked up.

Bonnie half stood and awkwardly hugged Caroline on the toilet. “I’m so, so sorry. I wish I’d been there. I wish I could’ve done something,” she said forcefully, squeezing her as tight as she could.

Caroline nodded to the best of her ability, comforted in Bonnie’s grip. Her arms were around her back and fisted her soft, blue tee.

“I promise you I’ll do everything to make it better.” She released her in order to look down at her eyes, grabbing her hands again. “We’ll talk, we’ll go shopping, we’ll go to the movies, we’ll drive around; we’ll do everything,” she said with a little excitement.

Caroline smiled and nodded. Bonnie’s list sounded like heaven, because what she needed was more memories in order to put the most recent one far behind her.

Bonnie’s heart melted at Caroline’s smile. She hated that her bubbly friend had gone through this, because as far as she was concerned, Caroline had been through enough: first Damon, then she became a vampire, and now this. She knows life is full of obstacles, but those are not the kind of obstacles she wanted her to face. She kneeled again after Caroline took her hand away for a moment to wipe her face and tuck her hair behind her ear. “I’m proud of you, you know,” she said. “Of you being a vampire, of the kind of vampire you’re choosing to be. I was so scared that you’d…get lost,” she said.

“I know,” she responded, a small smile steady on her face. “And you missed the whole process,” she joked.

Bonnie knew it was an accusation, a reprimand. “I’m sorry. I just…I needed to prepare myself…mentally…for if the worst happened. I couldn’t be caught off guard, I couldn’t. Elena and Stefan were there for you,” she offered.

Caroline scoffed. “If you think that’s even close to being the same, then we really need to talk.”

Bonnie smiled crookedly and nodded. “I’ll be here from now on. I promise.”

“Well, you do need to keep a watch on me,” she said, being difficult even though a slight weight had lifted off her shoulder at Bonnie’s words. Her friend’s stubborn distance during the hardest part of her transition still stung.

Bonnie looked at her dryly. “I mean as a friend.” Caroline nodded way too excitedly with her lips pursed, and Bonnie knew she was on the brink of crying again. She grabbed her face and moved her fingers against her cheeks. Caroline held on to her wrists. “And if you ever want to talk about what happened earlier, at any time, I’m here,” she said. She hugged her, soothingly rubbing her back with one hand while stroking her hair with the other.

Caroline did not remember ever feeling so comfortable in a hug. Bonnie felt very soft in her arms, and her slightly sheer tee only added to the effect. She mimicked her movements, rubbing her back through the fabric.

Bonnie leaned back and tucked Caroline’s hair behind her ear on the other side.

“I’m feeling a little better,” she admitted quietly.

“Good,” Bonnie responded. She always liked seeing Caroline smile for the first time after she had been upset. She found something so uplifting in it. Her hand glided down and her knuckles barely grazed Caroline’s cheek, her movement teasing without her meaning it to be.

Something in Caroline stood still at the look in Bonnie’s eyes. Bonnie had never looked at her like that before, and she wondered what was going on in her head. Her friend’s eyes were focused on her cheek, and she wanted her to look straight at her. Maybe then she would have a clearer picture.  

Bonnie’s hand against Caroline’s cheek was firmer as she began to stroke it. She did not know why she kept looking at the section of smooth skin. She tore her stare away and looked at Caroline who was looking somewhat surprised. At what, Bonnie did not know, but she wanted to say something, anything. It seemed like the perfect time to say something.

For her part, Caroline was unaware what her face looked like. All she knew was that she could not move, did not want to move, until she figured out what was going on, and she had a feeling that if she moved, especially if she moved away from Bonnie’s hand, it would be counterproductive.

Bonnie moved closer to the toilet bowl and cupped Caroline’s cheek, pulling down only faintly. She inhaled a little when Caroline did indeed lean forward, because she had thought her cue had been so subtle that Caroline had not felt it. She swallowed and moved upward.

Caroline did not know what was happening, and she did not want to waste time processing it at the moment. Bonnie could very well kiss her. In every other situation she had been in, things like this usually led to a kiss. She could wonder about the why, when, and how tomorrow. She realized it was her turn, so she leaned forward again.

Bonnie caught her nerve and closed the still wide gap between her and Caroline. She pushed off one knee and aimed with her eyes closed. Her kiss landed square on Caroline’s lips.

Caroline had not been prepared, so she gasped at the contact. She didn’t realize she had closed her eyes until she opened them. Bonnie’s lips had been so firm against hers. She realized that she had been expecting a timid, searching kiss.

Bonnie stared at Caroline, opening and closing her mouth. She was pretty sure she was now in an awkward position. She had jerked away when Caroline had gasped, letting out a huff of her own. She took her hand away as if Caroline’s face was suddenly too hot and watched as the blonde frowned. Bonnie opened her mouth to apologize and started to get up when Caroline suddenly bucked on the toilet.

The confused look Bonnie sent her way had Caroline feeling very stupid. She felt ridiculous. She had seen that Bonnie was about end it, and she had wanted to tell her not to, but instead she had come off looking spastic, she was sure of it. She laughed off her embarrassment, hiding her face behind her hands.

Bonnie smiled tentatively.

“I’m sorry,” Caroline said behind her hands. “I’m…sorry,” she said, looking at Bonnie and shaking her head.

Bonnie relaxed fully and her smile grew. “It’s okay,” she said on a chuckle of her own.

“It’s just I thought you were about to move away, and I didn’t…want you to,” she said cautiously.

Her smile slowly fell, and her stomach tightened. She had assumed that Caroline was laughing off the event and that she was going to write it off, taking both of them off the hook. Instead it seemed that she wanted to continue. Emboldened, she leaned forward again, and this time Caroline met her halfway.

The kiss was timid and searching this time. They puckered their lips and kissed once, twice, both very brief. Both girls nervous, the third kiss lasted just a little longer. Bonnie slowly stuck her tongue out and licked Caroline’s upper lip. They broke apart, leaving only a small space between them, on Caroline’s sharp inhale. Caroline’s stomach was a bundle of nerves. That kiss had felt good.

Bonnie bit the inside of her lip and put her hand on Caroline’s pant-covered thighs to balance herself.

The placement of Bonnie’s hands brought Caroline’s gaze down. She looked at her, sure that the same thought had flashed through her mind too. She tried not to move a muscle.

Bonnie felt Caroline’s muscles shifting under her hands, and she was both nervous and excited. She flattened her palms and slowly moved them down to Caroline’s knee, watching her own movement. She moved them up, her palms fighting the friction of the pink and purple pajama pants, until her middle fingers hit Caroline’s waist. She repeated the action, this time looking at her. Caroline had been watching Bonnie’s hands too, but now her eyes were focus on green, and her lips were pouted. Bonnie smiled when she licked them.

Taking the initiative, Caroline leaned forward, biting her bottom lip until just before she met Bonnie. Like the last time, they kissed with their mouths closed, but this time Caroline was prepared when Bonnie’s tongue peeked out. They mingled and explored, the steady rhythm of Bonnie’s caressing hands giving Caroline butterflies. She knew the exact number of times Bonnie has kissed, and, when they separated, the thought that ran through her mind was that Bonnie was not bad at all considering her experience. Her petite friend was a good kisser, and Caroline wanted more.

They kissed slower this time. It was a sensual dance and they got lost in the feeling, the movement, leisurely separating their lips and unhurriedly coming together again. The space, the things around them ceased to exist, and there were only the feelings being evoked, the stirrings of their bodies, Bonnie’s hands on Caroline’s face, and Caroline’s hands stroking Bonnie’s hair.

Bonnie gave Caroline’s bottom lip a quick lick before she kissed her cheek once, twice, and then Caroline tilted further and Bonnie was placing kisses on her neck. She sucked on the skin, hoping she was doing okay, nervous that Caroline would tell her that she’s doing it wrong and dreading that moment.

Caroline felt the veins on her face start to tighten. The bloodlust clawed at her, and her fangs started pushing through her gums. This is the most erotic situation she had been in since she tried to kill Matt, and she was determined not to repeat that experience. She wanted to grab Bonnie and kiss her with all she was worth. She wanted to touch her all over, throw her on the floor, rip her clothes off, and kiss every inch of her body. She burned with the need and saw the actions clearly in her mind, but she managed to keep her fangs in place. Bonnie started sucking on her pulse, occasionally running the forefront of her tongue over it, and Caroline was positive that she had no idea what this was doing to her. She clenched her thighs, and she realized that she no longer wanted this to stop at kisses.

So focused had Bonnie been on what she was doing, so worried was she about getting it right, that she did not realize how shallowly Caroline was breathing until she switched to the other side of her neck. She was proud that she was affecting her this way, and it gave her more confidence as she set to sucking a patch of skin.

Caroline held Bonnie’s head in place, needing to move, needing to bring her closer in an attempt to take the adamant edge off. With her other hand, she caressed Bonnie’s back. She brought her hand down and cupped one of her butt cheeks, and she was rewarded with Bonnie’s smile against her neck. She spread her hand wide and squeezed again. She brought her other hand down and played with Bonnie’s butt, molding and spreading it.

Bonnie slipped her warm hands under Caroline’s purple tee and she heard her catch her breath. She licked the outer shell of her ear and bit the lobe which earned her another sharp inhale. Bonnie roved her hands on Caroline’s stomach and back, her fingers tingling because of the undead flesh. It was a feeling she was determined to get used to, and she was well on her way because she had not thought twice about hugging Caroline when she had first appeared on her friend’s doorstep. She was intent on turning what is usually a debilitating feeling into just another staple of the friendship they’ve had since the first grade.

She cupped Caroline’s bare breasts and found they were only slightly cold. She knew, however, that the goose bumps that were pimpling the skin were not an indication of Caroline’s body reacting to the chilly weather outside. Nipping her ear, Bonnie firmly squeezed the plump mounds. She brought Caroline’s breasts together and pushed them against each other.

The sound Caroline made when Bonnie jiggled her breasts was a mélange between a breathless laugh and a moan, and she deliberately tightened her grip on Bonnie’s butt as a response. A majority of her face was covered in veins, so when Bonnie leaned back to look at her, Caroline thought it the worst thing that could have happened.

Bonnie was taken aback by what she saw, and Caroline closed her eyes and tried to hide her face, tried to make it go away. “I’m trying to control it,” she said, covering her face and willing the bloodlust to subside.

Bonnie was sure she would not soon forget the blood in Caroline’s eyes. “It’s okay,” she said softly before she even thought about it. Her heart had sped up, and she wondered if Caroline really would be able to control it. She tried to take Caroline’s hands from her face, but she had stiffened them, apparently determined to not let her see. Bonnie knew for certain that Caroline was doing this for her benefit. She realized that the blonde thought that she did not want to see her like this. “It’s really okay, Caroline. You don’t need to hide. I really don’t think you’ll hurt me.”

Hidden behind her hands, Caroline shook her head.

Bonnie decided to act instead of trying to convince her with words. She lifted Caroline’s shirt to rest it on top of her breasts, and saw that her chest was flushed a light pink. Chancing another look at her, Bonnie started laving her right nipple. She did not notice Caroline suddenly take her hands away and look at what she was doing. The nipple felt stiff and strange against her tongue when she started to suck, lightly at first, more insistent when Caroline pushed her chest forward.

“Yeah,” Caroline said softly, a small smile on her face, loving what Bonnie was doing. The suction on her breast felt great, and she held it with one hand, offering her more, feeding it to her. Her back was arched as she watched Bonnie try to engulf her breast. The brunette was getting very eager, and Caroline’s breasts were getting heavier with want. Her left breast was starting to feel particularly neglected. “Yes,” she murmured when Bonnie sucked on her rigid nipple as if she was being breastfed.

Bonnie licked around the breast, listening to Caroline’s curse when she lightly bit it.

Caroline couldn’t take anymore. She was getting too much pleasure on one side and none on the other. She switched breasts and was pleased, and became more turned on, when Bonnie didn’t miss a beat. Liquid pooled in her panties when Bonnie met her breast with gusto, nibbling and biting all over it. She threw her head back and lightly tugged Bonnie’s hair.

“Hmmph.” Wet sounds reverberated in the bathroom as Bonnie kissed and lapped at Caroline’s breasts, truly enjoying herself, what she was feeling, and the responses she was getting from her heated friend. Bonnie had never been so aroused. She could feel her nectar run down her outer labia. She created a wet trail on the valley between Caroline’s breasts and she continued up, raining kisses on her neck as she squeezed and pinched the skin of her breasts, purposefully avoiding her erect nipples.

Caroline whined when Bonnie pulled away from her, taking away her lips, her hands, everything. She frowned deeply to show her displeasure, and the picture the frown created when added to the veins on her face caused Bonnie to burst into quiet laughter, a reaction Caroline could not help mimicking. When the smiles faded, they were already leaning into each other for another kiss. This was the most relaxed one yet, and both realized they were getting better at it. They even turned it playful, sharing a series of quick kisses before they separated. Bonnie started tracing each vein, and Caroline realized that she had forgotten all about them. “What do you think?” she asked, not knowing why and not knowing the answer she preferred.

“I think…it’s…incredible. Sexy.” Bonnie laughed. “I don’t know if this is weird, but…you look kind of… pretty.” She wasn’t sure what she said made sense, but it was the best she could do to describe the way Caroline looked and what she thought of it in this moment. It apparently made enough sense to Caroline which was all that mattered to Bonnie, because her friend smiled. Bonnie traced her lips before placing a subdued kiss on it. She wanted to do more, and the moment the thought formed in her head, she looked down at Caroline’s pants.

Caroline swallowed. And she waited. When Bonnie looked up and gave her the sexiest smile she was sure she had ever seen on her, she knew they were going to take this thing all the way and that excited her.

Bonnie hooked her fingers in Caroline’s pants, and the girl lifted to make it easier for her to take them off. She set the pants next to her. Her breath caught when she stood up. Bonnie bit her lip as she watched Caroline lightly caress her own stomach, and then she lowered her gaze to the leggy blonde’s panties. They were the color of green apples, not quit a thong and not a full underwear, and Bonnie ran her hands up Caroline’s smooth legs, wrapping her hand around her pale thighs and continuing until she hit the part of Caroline’s butt left uncovered by the panties. She rubbed it with the pads of her fingers and looked up.

Caroline’s lips were parted and her gaze was heavy with lust.

She slowly slipped the last barrier down, and the smell of Caroline’s arousal filled the air.

Caroline stepped out of her underwear, and she sat back on the toilet, never taking her eyes from Bonnie. She wanted to see every emotion, every look that flitted across her face. She wanted to see what she was feeling during all of this. She put her hands behind her for support, and she rested her back on the toilet’s tank. She licked her lips and lifted her legs and spread them for her, her knees bent. She felt completely exposed, fully opened, and very provocative. She watched Bonnie’s expressions with bated breath.

Bonnie’s mouth was getting dry from slacking open. She finally moved, running her hands along Caroline’s thighs. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing; she did not ever imagine she would have Caroline spreading open for her and that she would be anxious to get a taste. Caroline’s pubic hair was shaped into single strip, something Bonnie decided to get tips on later.

Bonnie’s eyes were glued to her pussy, and Caroline knew when she finally noticed what she herself had forgotten in the heat of the moment. Her clit was bigger than average. It was a facet of her body that she was rarely proud of. The scarce moments when she was happy with it always happened when she was alone under the covers of her bed or in the shower. There were times when she would hold a mirror to it and reason that it’s not that big. Other times she thought it was huge. She was always nervous about a guy seeing it for the first time, sometimes even babbling out an explanation beforehand so that she can avoid that horrible surprised look that she would never forget from her first. She has thought about talking to Bonnie and Elena about it many times. Had she not put it off, she could had saved herself this moment, because she was just as nervous with Bonnie as she had been all of those other times. When the source of her desire raised her eyebrows at the protruding bud, Caroline was mortified and wanted to close her legs.

Bonnie looked at the pink cluster of nerves, amazed at how exposed it was. Hers was such a tiny little thing, but there was no missing Caroline’s. It was ample and wide, surrounded by its glistening, fleshy hood. She spread Caroline’s labia apart to better isolate and see it. Leaning in, she closed her eyes and inhaled. She then licked her from the bottom of her slit to the top of her hood. She swallowed and let the salty taste settle. Deciding that it wasn’t bad at all, she licked her again, this time swabbing her clit for a while.

“Jesus,” Caroline whispered. Her pussy tightened. Bonnie’s warm tongue surrounding her clit felt heavenly. She adjusted her position on the toilet.

Feeling uncomfortable, Bonnie placed her hands on the beige carpet in front of the toilet to steady herself. She pulled at the skin surrounding Caroline’s clit and sucked the juices. She repeated the move with her outer labia, suctioning each side.

“Oh,” Caroline moaned. She spread her legs wider.

She bent further down, reaching for Caroline’s opening and licked the area, drinking as her essence flowed out. She opened her eyes and kissed her mound and swiped the furry line with her tongue. She bit the mass of skin, and Caroline whimpered. She kissed the length of her left thigh followed by her right, making eye contact with Caroline when she got to each knee. She smiled at how expectant she looked.

While kissing her right knee, Bonnie started to finger her. With her thumb, she rubbed her slit and touched the area around her clit. Forgetting the knee, Bonnie slowly inserted her middle finger in Caroline’s pussy. She pumped in and out, slowly, watching her.

Caroline bit her lip. Her clit was throbbing. She wanted more of Bonnie’s tongue, but her finger gave her something else to focus on. She relished the digit plunging in and out of her, her eyes not on Bonnie, but on what she was doing. She flexed her legs and did not fight against her fangs descending this time as the pressure in her lower stomach built. She watched Bonnie insert her index and felt her stretch her pussy. She threw her head back and exhaled maybe too loudly.

Bonnie fingered her and felt each time Caroline’s pussy clamped down on her. With the thumb of her other hand, she started fiddling Caroline’s desperate clit, and her heart surged when she lifted off the toilet.

“Oh yes!” Caroline said in a harsh whisper. “Please don’t take that hand away.” 

Bonnie smiled mischievously, her pussy contracting, loving the begging tinge to Caroline’s voice.

“Ohh.” Her voice trembled. Bonnie’s rhythm was perfect and she wanted to come to it. She felt the urgency building. She gripped the toilet seat even as she slid down it to gain more contact as Bonnie rubbed her clit in a circular motion.

Bonnie increased her speed, and Caroline was undulating against her hand, matching her thrusts.

“Okay, wet it a little bit?” she suggested huskily when she felt her clit getting dry against Bonnie’s thumb. Instead of using the moisture dripping from her center to wet her clit, Bonnie took way her thumb and attached her mouth on it and started sucking. Caroline gasped and scooted forward, almost losing her balance, and she knew for certain that she had been too loud this time. She put a hand on Bonnie’s head to keep her where she was and rotated her ankles at the delicious pleasure she was getting. Bonnie gave her clit quick swipes with her tongue as she sucked, pulled back and let it go, and then she dove in and repeated the strokes. Caroline grimaced, her face condensing in unconscious preparation for her release.

“Aha,” she murmured as Bonnie’s head moved to and fro. Caroline entwined her fingers in her hair and steered her.

Bonnie felt a hunger as she ate Caroline’s pussy. She was salivating for more. On a low moan, she broke her rhythm for a minute and simply suckled Caroline’s hard clit without ceasing the motion of her fingers.

Caroline was inhaling through her clenched teeth. She moved against Bonnie’s face, her eyes half closed. “Aw yeah. Aw yeah. Aw. Aw. Aw.” Her stomach quivering, she laboriously turned her head. The door was more than a little open, the light was on, she was vamped out, and Bonnie was on her knees, supporting herself with one arm, between her legs, fingering her sopping pussy and tonguing her swollen and tender clit. If her mom or Elena woke up to use the bathroom, then they were screwed. The possibility of getting caught heightened her arousal. She tried to keep the noise down, but Bonnie was not making it easy. “Don’t stop.” She flexed her toes as the tension built. Bonnie drove her closer to the edge by increasing the pressure on her clit, swirling her tongue around it as she sucked. “Aw, that’s good. Aw yeah,” she blubbered on. Her clit slipped easily out of Bonnie’s mouth and she died a little inside each time she trapped it in the warm enclave again. Her bliss became unbearable; her whole body trembled as the point of pleasure, the source of her contentment narrowed down to the juncture between her legs, and her deliverance rested in Bonnie’s mouth and hands. “Ohh; Oh God.” Her stomach coiled and the first tremors of her orgasm hit her, and then she was bombarded with wave after wave. She came hard, her toes curling, her breath catching in her throat. Her grip on Bonnie’s head tightened and she kept her head in place and road out her orgasm, her eyes closed tight and her mouth frozen in an ‘o.’ She closed her legs around her head though she remained mindful of her strength.

Bonnie brought her free hand up to keep Caroline’s legs from closing her in completely. She continued as Caroline shuddered above her, occasionally licking the come that kept leaking into her fingers.

“Yeeesss,” Caroline whispered, her face a crumbled mess. Her pussy pulsated in Bonnie’s care, and she emptied out all that Bonnie had built inside her for the past couple of minutes.

Bonnie eagerly imbibed her offering. She slowed her movements as Caroline calmed down from her orgasm. She was positively making out with her pussy. She fondled the lips with her tongue as if they were the lips on Caroline’s face.

Caroline gently stroked Bonnie’s hair and tried to catch her breath, her eyes closed. She felt Bonnie suck on her clit, and she jerked. She opened her eyes and saw that Bonnie was looking at her. “It’s a little sensitive,” she said softly. Her bones felt like jelly. She was completely relaxed. Bonnie gave her a curved smile, and Caroline smiled back. She caressed her cheek.  Half of her face was glazed with her come, and it was something Caroline would never forget. She would also never forget what Bonnie did next. She gave her slit a very chaste kiss and gave her clit the same. All of a sudden, the young vampire felt like crying. She was overcome with emotion. She wanted to do this again. She did not think she wanted this to be a one-time thing.

“I really need to pee,” Bonnie said,  chuckling. She licked her lips.

Caroline laughed. She had completely forgotten. She didn’t feel bad at all though since Bonnie had not remembered either. She got off the toilet on shaky legs when Bonnie backed away and stood up. She put on her underwear and pants and pulled down her top. “I’ll wait for you outside,” she said.

Bonnie nodded with a small smile.

Caroline took a step toward her and kissed her. She caressed her neck and nibbled her lips, never slipping out her tongue. She rubbed Bonnie’s face when they stopped and then she went to wait for her in the hallway.

When Bonnie pulled down her underwear, she saw that it was soaked through. Streams of come lined her panties. She groaned inwardly. She was so horny. She thought about masturbating, but Caroline was waiting for her. She foresaw a very uncomfortable night. She did her business and brushed her teeth, and then she met Caroline outside of the door.

Caroline smiled and extended her hand and Bonnie took it. They walked back to her room, Bonnie very aware of her vagina lips sliding against each other.

Caroline looked over at Elena and saw that she was knocked out, her breathing steady. Relieved, she got in bed and waited for Bonnie to join her.

Bonnie took her place next to Caroline. After she fluffed her three satin pillows, she rested her head. Because of the moonlight, she could see Caroline looking at her and smiling. She reached for her hand.

“Goodnight,” Caroline said softly. She knew Bonnie needed release. How could she not need it? She could smell her heady arousal. She thought about fingering her and bringing her to completion right here on the bed, but she decided not to. Not because she was afraid Elena would wake up, but because she wanted insurance that they would talk about what happened tomorrow.


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Praise be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this. I love these two. Sigh, secondary OTP and primary friendship OTP right here. This was sexy but also poignant, and I loved the initial connection you wrote for them and the smooth transition into everything else. Very sexy.

I love everything.

And I think you took a great approach to this for your first time writing femslash, you just wrote a relationship - which is what it is - a relationship between two people who love each other very deeply. Sometimes their can be weird het privilege thing with slash/femslash fic and I didn't get that sense at all.

Fabulous job, dear! Thank you for sharing!

And I think you took a great approach to this for your first time writing femslash, you just wrote a relationship - which is what it is - a relationship between two people who love each other very deeply. Sometimes their can be weird het privilege thing with slash/femslash fic and I didn't get that sense at all.

Thank God!!! I'm so happy you love it, and this paragraph means so much to me!!! I've read about the het privilege thing (in the Star Trek XI Fandom). I edited the story so much (because I felt like I was being repetitive in parts, and it was weird to write so many "she" pronouns), and then I was questioning why it was so long, and then I was questioning how to end it (which you know), and then I was angsting over the title. Lol. So I'm really happy you love it (since this is the fic I had promised you to help you with your sucky day).

So, I'm completely on this Bonnie/Caroline train.
Was curious about it before, but you've officially converted me:D
I just loved this so much. I really could've seen this happening.
That's how real it felt to me.
Can't wait for the second part:)

Was curious about it before, but you've officially converted me:D

Wow, thank you so much! I'm so flattered!

I really could've seen this happening.

This is always my favorite compliment,and it really means a lot here since this is my first time taking these characters (any characters) this path.

Thanks for reading!

I love this so much. I keep having to come back to, not just b/c it's one of a handful of ~baroline~ fics but because it's so well written. Thanks for this and I hope to read the rest if and when it comes along <3

Thank you for reading! There's a definite lack of fic for them.

The rest is coming along. I've got 14 pages and counting. I think I might have to break it up into two parts.

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