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These Memories-R (2/3)
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Title: These Memories
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Caroline
Timeline: Daddy Issues AU
Summary: Bonnie's attempt to comfort Caroline after her ordeal with Brady leads the girls to cross a threshold in their friendship.
A/N: This story was only supposed to be two parts, but this got very long and it made sense to split it. So as of now most of the 3rd part is written, so an update shouldn't take too long.
A/N2: Still dedicated to
[info]ladygawain It's still her fault I started seeing these two "this way."  Again, constructive criticism is welcomed!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.

Part 1

Caroline stood at the center island of her kitchen, nervous and excited. Her stomach danced, and rolled, and tightened with unreleased energy. “Morning,” she greeted when the reason for her fidgeting walked into the kitchen.

Bonnie hesitated but then she saw Caroline’s face, the smile, the biting of her pale peach lips, and knew she was thinking about the night before, only a couple of hours ago really, when Bonnie had gone down on her until she had become incoherent on the toilet, and she relaxed. She tried to fight it, but the memory brought a smile to her face. “Morning.”

Caroline was delighted that they were thinking about the same thing, and she walked up to her, aiming for a kiss, but Bonnie quickly threw a hand over her mouth. Her smile disappeared and her heart sped up. Her body suddenly got hotter. Had she misjudged? Her mind raced trying to come up with excuses to cover herself.

“Haven’t brushed my teeth,” Bonnie said, her voice muffled.

Caroline exhaled loudly, a little irritated at how quickly she’d started to panic. Hoping Bonnie hadn’t noticed her mini freakout, she gave her an ‘oh please’ look, removed her hand, and gave her a closed-mouth kiss. She was relieved when Bonnie kissed her back. She gave her one more quick kiss when they broke apart and then strolled back to the coffee pot, the short heels of her black, lace-up, ankle boots clicking on the kitchen tiles. Her legs were shaped by her black tights, the dark grey corduroy mini skirt fit her perfectly, and she wore a basic black, short-sleeve sweater. She hadn’t felt like putting on any color today. Not on the outside anyway. And she would be lying if she said Bonnie hadn’t crossed her mind at least once while she had picked out her outfit.   

For her part, Bonnie became more and more uncomfortable and annoyed the longer she was up. She was fully aroused. She hadn’t gotten any release last night. Caroline had been gone from the bed when she’d woken up, leaving her to talk with Elena, and then before she could even think about slipping her hand under the covers after the older Gilbert went to take a shower, Caroline had popped into the room to tell her the coffee was ready. She’d hovered at the door, a secret smile on her face, their secret, and had only left after Bonnie said “Okay.”  

They mutually kept the conversation away from what happened a couple of hours ago, but Bonnie did ask her how she was doing.

“Fine. I...slept like a baby the rest of the night,” she answered, her hands flat on the kitchen island.

And there was that smile again.

Bonnie smiled in return and ducked her head. She was so embarassed that it felt as if her face was stretching beyond its capacity.

She looked forward to showering. The fantasy of masturbating was so strong she could feel her fingers in the folds of her pussy. But Caroline made sure that wouldn’t be happening. Bonnie was at the bathroom door when the leggy vampire caught her attention.

“Don’t even think about it,” Caroline said.

The entitled look on her face, the condescending hilt to her voice, had earned her the captain spot on the cheerleading squad along with the fear and envy of her fellow cheerleaders. It was Mean Girl Incarnate, and it embodied every stereotype about the Popular Girl. And it was a look that had never phazed Bonnie.

“What?” She hugged her towel closer.

“I know what you’re thinking. I can smell it on you right now,” Caroline whispered, mindful that Elena was near in the bedroom.

Bonnie frowned slightly.

“We need to leave soon for school, so...don’t take your time in there.” She spun away, her flat-ironed hair flying.

Bonnie rolled her eyes heavenward and slowly let her head fall back. She was going to die.

Caroline started doubting herself as she drove to school. Bonnie rode with Elena since Elena had driven the both of them to Caroline’s the night before. Caroline didn’t mind. But the time alone was not helping her confidence. Had she been too forward with Bonnie? Too assuming? She hadn’t wanted Bonnie to masturbate herself to orgasm. She wanted to return the favor. She wanted to do it for her; she wanted her to wait, in agony hopefully and constantly wet, until they could find a time to be alone and have a repeat of last night. Only this time she would be between Bonnie’s legs.

She smiled at that, the image replacing her self-doubt. She rubbed the rim of the steering wheel and continued to fantasize.

By the end of the school day, she was swimming in self-doubt. She had definitely come on too strong. What had she been thinking? Kissing her first thing in the morning? All but demanding she not touch herself in the shower? Was Bonnie regretting the night before? Was she right now trying to figure out a way to tell her it was just a one-time thing? Something to make her feel better? Of course it was a one-time thing. She must’ve come off like an overbearing freak.

“Hey, ready to start?”Jessica Blunt, the secretary of the school’s Dance and Decorations Committee, asked her.

She snapped out of her self-analyzation to answer. She was the vice president, so she was supposed to be leading the meeting on what they had so far for the upcoming decade dance since the president was absent, but she was no longer in the mood. “Um, you go ahead.”

She was a bag of mixed emotions when she stood at her locker at the end of the meeting. She wanted to cry; she wanted to go home; she wanted to stay under her covers; she wanted to take back what she’d said to Bonnie earlier; she wished she hadn’t been so bold, so assuming. The ordeal with Brady and the wolf pack, with Tyler, came back at once. She wanted to slide to the floor and stay there.

She was...she was tortured the night before. She unconsciously touched her cheek and a chill ran through her as she remembered the vervain that had been sprayed in her face. Her neck heated up, reddened, and she started to tremble. She hoped no one was looking at her right now, that no one noticed; however she couldn’t bring herself to look away from the frigid gray comfort of her locker to check.

The thing with Bonnie had been amazing, but...what was she expecting to get out of it? She couldn’t just focus on trying to get her alone for a repeat of the night before; she couldn’t simply replace the horrible thing that had happened to her by getting overzealous about something new.

So maybe instead of throwing herself at Bonnie, she should just...try to figure everything out. She was bound to run into Tyler at some point. And the werewolf pack was still in town; Stefan and Damon hadn’t gotten rid of all of them. Maybe that’s what she should be focusing on: how much her life sucked.

Bonnie was at her own locker, putting back books she’d been using at the library, when she noticed Caroline staring at hers. Her hands were at her side, and she looked like she wasn’t really there. Bonnie worried her forehead. It looked like the other girl was rooted where she stood. There was a gradual change in her breathing; it became apparent she was having trouble with it. Bonnie quickly closed her locker and hurried over.

“Hey. Caroline?” she asked, touching her lightly. “Caroline,” she said, her voice stronger, trying to get her attention.

Caroline shook her head and started sobbing.

“Hey hey.” Bonnie turned her and hugged her.

Caroline held on to her and cried, the bad of last night attempting to choke her. She’d been shot at God knew how many times. She’d been caged. She’d been sprayed with vervain. She’d been taunted and jostled, and treated like collateral, like a bargaining chip. Her screams, her pain, her begging, and her fear hadn’t mattered. Her cries for help hadn’t mattered; she hadn’t merritted mercy or compassion. Bonnie started caressing her back, but she broke the hug, straightening to her full height and covering her face with her hands. She calmed herself down while Bonnie rubbed her arms.

“Let’s get out of here,” Bonnie suggested softly.

She steeled herself, because she wasn’t going to be a crying mess. “I’m going home.” She wiped her tears.

“I’ll come with you.”

“That’s not necessary.” She didn’t want Bonnie going out of her way to comfort her again. She could do this herself. She wasn’t fragile. This happened to her, and she was going to handle it.

“Right,” Bonnie said, lifting her shoulders and nodding, not wanting to say anything to upset her. She figured she should let Caroline take the lead on this. She had no experience in dealing with what her friend had gone through. She didn’t want to make things worse. “Sometimes it’s good to be alone. Sometimes that’s what helps.” She smiled in encouragement.

Caroline’s smile was understated, and she thanked her. She fished out her keys and walked past her, intending to head out the double doors, but her steps slowed. She turned to find Bonnie carefully looking at her, worry drawn on her face. She fiddled with her keys and said, “Maybe I don’t...wanna be alone.”

She felt like a coward. She was sure Bonnie would have been able to do this alone. Elena too, maybe. And just like that she changed her mind again. She wanted to go back to strongly walking out of school by herself.

“Then,” Bonnie dragged the word out, “I’ll come with you,” she said, taking one big step forward, “And I’ll stay as long as you want.”

Caroline took her in: earnest smile, worried eyes, unsure heart-shaped face. And she changed her mind again. A smile slowly revealed itself.

“I’ll drive?” Bonnie held out her hand for the keys.

“I don’t know what happened,” Caroline pondered, her head lolling on the back of the couch while she lazily ran her thumbs over the dialing pad of Bonnie’s phone. She stared at the ceiling and thought back to her episode in the school hallway. She felt better now, calmer. The ride to her house had been quiet; neither of them had turned on the radio. With Bonnie in the car, her thoughts had slowly shifted from the bad back to what happened the night before and her audacious behavior this morning. “It just came out of nowhere,” she continued.

“That’s normal,” Bonnie said, coming from the kitchen holding two steaming cups of chamomile tea with a bottle of honey floating in front of her. She handed Caroline her  saucer, careful not to let the teaspoon fall off. “Uh, I put honey in mine; I know you usually hate it when your mom makes you drink this stuff.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I take mine with honey.”

She nodded. “You know, it’’ll probably happen again. And again.What you went through---”

“Can we just say...what happened? Or something?” She set her cup on the table, scooped some honey and swirled it in her tea. The phrasing ‘What she went through’ made her sound so helpless. She did not want to be reminded of the reality that she had been. In every way.

“Yeah. It’s going to take time.”

She scoffed quietly. “I don’t want it to.” She picked up her drink and started sipping.

“I know.” Bonnie watched her sip her tea, forgetting her own for a moment. She knew Caroline would get through this, knew she was capable. But it looked like she wouldn’t be able to put herself in denial about what happened, the way she had back when Damon had been the source of her dispiritedness. This experience was too traumatic.

Bonnie swirled her tea and blew on it, thinking back to what she’d been doing at the time Caroline was being hurt. She sipped delicately, not wanting to burn her tongue. “I’m here for you, you know. In any way you need, whenever you need it.”

She looked at her and smiled, and she asked the question as soon as it formed, her heartbeat ratcheting up in anticipation of the answer. “Is that what last night was? You being there for me?”


Caroline set the cup down and took a deep breath. “Is that...all it was?”

Bonnie swallowed, unsure, knowing something was about to happen, knowing Caroline was ready to get upset depending on how she answered. She didn’t like being put on the spot with this, didn’t like that she was supposed to say for better or worse what last night was.

Caroline laughed humorlessly, her problem more with herself and the possibility that she would mess everything up with what she was going to say next than with Bonnie. “I know I’m not supposed to ask.” She stood up. “I know I’m supposed to wait. Wait for the right moment, wait and see, don’t push and don’t assume, everything will work out or fall into place or whatever, but...I’ve never been good with waiting and seeing,” she said and laughed nervously, cocking her hip to one side, all the while gesturing with her hands.

Bonnie couldn’t help her lopsided smile. She was seeing Caroline’s nervous ticks in a new light after last night. It was a different kind of adorable now. She set her tea down.

“What was that last night?” she asked softly. “I mean,” she shrugged and bounced on her feet, “What was it?” She laughed. “Where did it come from, why did you do it, what were you thinking?” And do you regret it?

Bonnie inhaled deeply and splayed her fingers on her knees, her shoulders tight. “I don’t really know where it came from. I mean I...I wanted...to make you feel better. You were so...sad and crying, and...I felt helpless. I wanted it all to go away, even if it was just for a little while, but I couldn’t think of anything to do or say. I didn’t want you to deal with it. I wanted to...make you feel good.” She was expectant, of rejection, of laughter. She drew her shoulders in tighter.

“Sooo,” Caroline prodded, turning from side to side.

“And what was I thinking?” she continued as if Caroline hadn’t spoken. She looked at Caroline’s mini skirt, but her eyes were unfocused, her mind on last night. “I was thinking it felt really...really good. I wanted to kiss your pain away, and...when I did it felt nice. And then I wanted more, and...more felt nice too.” She looked at her. “And you wanting more; you...responding and kissing me, and...the way you...tasted...the way you reacted...” and shook, and trembled, and moaned, “That felt nice too.”

Caroline held her breath, her unasked question answered. She clasped her hands in front of her and swayed, unable to help her smile. “I was just wondering.”

She smiled, though she felt a little shy. “And you?”

Caroline inhaled and reclaimed her seat. She faced her and said, “It felt nice. Really nice. I didn’t...know you could do that.”

Bonnie’s smile widened and her face felt hot. “Neither did I. I just feel like I should’ve been there, Caroline,” she said quietly. “Like this is something that shouldn’t have happened. I never thought that you would go throu---that that would happen,” she corrected herself, remembering Caroline’s request. “I really wish I’d been there. I really wish I could’ve saved you, stopped it, made it so you never had to---”

“So I guess I need to get kidnapped again to bring that side of you out?”

“Wait...what?” It was as if she’d been splashed in the face with ice cold water.

God, I’m sorry,” Caroline said, getting off the couch. She paced away, her frustration rising.

“I was just saying---”

“That you....” did last night count as Bonnie sleeping with her? “Did that with me to make me feel better, yeah I heard you,” she said, her back to Bonnie. She crossed her arms and willed herself to calm down.

“Why are you mad?”

“I’m not.” She turned to face her. “Is this part of your guilt? You felt bad you couldn’t be there, so you slept with me?” Or whatever they did.

Bonnie moved her mouth, trying to form a response, trying in vain to follow Caroline’s thought process. “No!”

“So why are you bringing it up?”

“You asked me what I was thinking!”

She inhaled and adopted a veneer of calm on the exhalation. “Well...that’s great. Thanks, I guess.” She grabbed her tea and hastily downed the rest and moved to go dump the saucer, spoon, and cup in the kitchen.

Caroline,” Bonnie called. She got up but didn’t take a step since she stopped. “What...why are you mad?”

“I’m not,” she shrugged with a candy-sweet smile that told Bonnie the opposite.

“You’re lying.” And if she didn’t fess up, Bonnie was sure she would be on her way to getting upset. “What is going on? You asked me how I felt and I told you---”

“Yeah you said you felt sorry for me.”

Bonnie scoffed, not liking that she seemed to be turning her sympathy into a pity party for herself.

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, Bonnie. I mean I get it, you love me; you’re my best friend, but I just mean....” She huffed in frustration, over the fact that she was tripping over her words.

Bonnie slowly licked her lips and waited.

“Okay,” she said, pacing herself. “I liked it too. A lot. And you know, the whole day that’s all I’ve been thinking about, along with some other things, but....it doesn’t work if the only reason you did it is because you felt sorry for me.” She shrugged. “I don’t want...it to happen again just because you feel sorry for me. It can’t happen again if you’re doing it just to make me feel better. I want you to like it just because.”

Bonnie shook her head and rolled her eyes affectionately. She never could’ve imagined that Caroline would one day have a drama session about sex between them. She walked around the arm of the couch to her and said, “I did like it just because. I did it to make you feel better Caroline, and that’s not bad. I don’t want you to be mad at that, because...I don’t know...it was important to me,” she said, lifting a delicate shoulder.

While at school the more she had thought about what Caroline had gone through the night before, the more she wished she could change things. The more she’d thought back to her in the bathroom crying, confused and hurt, the more helpless she had begun to feel again. It was starting to overwhelm her, how much she didn’t want to see Caroline hurt over this, how much she hated what this experience would mean for her in the weeks, maybe months, to come. She worried about how effective she would be in helping her through it. It sliced her heart in a way she knew was different, a way that wasn’t like the times in the past when she would feel bad about her best friend crying, when she would sympathize with her.

Caroline clincked the spoon on the tea cup, not looking Bonnie in the eyes.

“And...” Bonnie continued. She ducked her head in order to try and capture Caroline’s eyes. “Are you saying you want it to happen again?” She leaned on her right hip when blue eyes looked up.

“Maybe,” she said softly. Her stomach felt like it was trying to eat itself. “You?”


Caroline’s smile was one of such relief. She quickly moved past Bonnie to deposit the tea cup, spoon, and saucer on the coffee table, and she was back in front of her in a flash. She smoothed her hands on her skirt, and Bonnie got the hint and closed the distance between them. Caroline placed her hands around Bonnie’s hips and rested her forehead against hers.

Bonnie swallowed in anticipation and held on to Caroline’s arms. The space between them disappeared when their mouths met. The kiss was dry; Bonnie took control when Caroline snaked her tongue out, denying her. “No tongue.”

Bonnie refound the comfort she had last night. She teased the breath from her, nibbling her lips, biting her upper lip. She wrapped her arms around Caroline’s neck, which allowed them to get closer. She played with her golden hair, stroking it to the ends. They kissed slowly, sensually,  and her brain fogged up; her body started operating on instinct, her movements based on what felt good.

Caroline moved her hands down to the curve of her butt. She carressed it, her hands soft at first and then increasinly firm. She explored Bonnie’s ass cheeks, the plumpness of them growing familiar.

She found Bonnie’s lips very soft, and the smell of her mint chapstick, as well as the honey, engulfed her nose. She attempted to deepen the kiss.

“I said no tongue,” Bonnie murmured though she wasn’t sure she actually said the words aloud until Caroline answered.

“I don’t take well to being told what to do, Bonnie” she retorted, her voice smooth as silk and laden with desire. She backed her to the nearest wall and said, “Tongue.”

Bonnie melted into her, folded into her body, and licked the honey from her tongue. She glided her hands through her blonde tresses as want returned to her pussy. She continued to tease Caroline’s tongue, sucking on it, giving it quick licks before retreating hers into the security of her mouth, making Caroline come chasing, and she did it until her taller friend started mewling in protest. Bonnie smiled into the kiss as her panties were saturated.

“It’s not funny,” Caroline breathed on her mouth, and she squeezed her ass for good measure. When she looked in Bonnie’s eyes, her good humor was replaced with a heavier feeling. Her eager hands left her ass to cup her breasts. She liked that Bonnie’s bravado seemed to falter as she shaped her small curves. She moved her hands down to the hemline of her red shirt, and her lips tugged at the corners as she grew excited over what she was about to see. She gave Bonnie a quick look just to see if anything had changed, but she seemed to be holding her breath too. She lifted the shirt, baring Bonnie’s stomach and then her breasts.

It wasn’t anything she hadn’t seen before. She’d seen Bonnie in her bra plenty of times. Yet at the same time she’d never seen her. She worked a suddenly parched throat, not minding Bonnie who was smoothing her dark hair back into place, and she placed flat hands against her abdomen and trailed them up her torso to her breasts. She turned her touch light as a feather and played over her ribcage, making Bonnie twitch. She smiled and moved her hands up, up until she was cupping her breasts. Then, she looked at Bonnie and moved her hands around to her back and down. When she hit the clasp of her bra, her blue eyes held Bonnie’s green, asking for permission.

She watched Bonnie hold her breath and that was all she needed. She unclasped the bra and took it off. Her breath rushed out and her mouth kept twitching into a smile. She palmed her curves, loving the way her nipples tickled her palms. She rounded the peaks with her thumbs, and Bonnie held on to her elbows. She threw her friend a look and then swallowed a nipple into her mouth. She heard Bonnie’s sharp intake of breath and licked her areola, then trailed a wet path up the hill of her breast. She licked generously under her breast, sucking on the supple skin there. She got more comfortable with the feel of breast in her mouth and lavished the mound of flesh with growing confidence.

Bonnie felt her pre come drizzle to her underwear, her need for release increasing due to Caroline’s eagerness. Before she could say a word, Caroline switched to the other breast and Bonnie breathed easy, relaxing until Caroline worked her left nipple into a straining peak while continuously manipulating the other with her thumb and index. Her breasts felt fuller. The emotions arising within her and the sensations cropping along her skin used to only exist in her most erotic fantasies.

Caroline upped the ante and started alternating between soft and hard, softly sucking her right nipple, her mouth warm and wet, and pinching and pulling her left nipple, her fingers rough and showing no mercy to the hard brown point.

Just as Bonnie got to thinking she could come from this and in fact looking forward to it, Caroline stopped everything, and grabbed her hand, and led her to the couch.

Caroline drank the rest of Bonnie’s warm tea to wet her mouth, and then she hitched her short skirt around her hips. Bending one leg at the knee, she sat on the couch and made enough space so Bonnie could haphazardly straddle her. She patted her thighs expectantly, her blue eyes bright with joy.

The clear excitement on her face forced a laugh out of Bonnie. She did as requested and mounted Caroline. She straightened her spine to put her breasts more level with her face.

Instead of diving back in, Caroline ranged over Bonnie’s breasts with her eyes. They were wet from her attention but drying. She slowly ran her hands up and down Bonnie’s back, enjoying the softness of her skin. She looked up and saw the most tender look reflecting back. Her emotions started shifting and not for the better. Her heartrate increased. Without the act of savoring Bonnie’s chest with her mouth, her mind was free to wander and it was heading back to her ordeal. She broke from Bonnie’s gaze and shut her eyes tight. She heard the anxiety in Bonnie’s voice as she tried to get her attention. Taking a deep breath, she tried to relax. As she breathed and set to banishing the intrusive memories, she felt Bonnie’s sure hands on her head, and then she was being pulled to warm breasts and familiar arms cushioned her on them. She expected to start crying, but she didn’t. Instead, her nerves calmed and the edginess evaporated.

“Shhh. It’s okay.” She kissed the mop of blonde hair. It’s okay, baby. She sobered at the unflitered thought. And as her luck would have it, Caroline chose that moment to look up. Bonnie let out a nervous laugh and started getting up. She realized she needed to give an explanation when Caroline frowned.

“Uh. Um,” and then her eyes fell on her salvation. “We should wash these.” She grabbed the cups, the saucers, and the spoons. When Caroline’s eyes fell and what she identified as lust took residence on her face, she realized she was standing topless. Chastizing herself, she set the dishes down and grabbed her bra and shirt from the floor.

“Are you ok?” Caroline asked worriedly, wondering at the quick way she was dressing herself.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She tried to get a handle on herself. She flashed Caroline a toothy smile and then she was heading for the kitchen with the dirty dishes.

While Caroline tried to figure out what just happened, Bonnie’s phone buzzed on the coffee table. She leaned over it and saw she had a text from Jeremy Gilbert. She puzzled at the new bit of randomness and then followed behind Bonnie.

The girl in question set to beating herself up as she stood at the sink with the faucet running. It was just a word. A sentiment. She’s felt sentimental towards Caroline before. It was just the moment, the aftermath of Caroline’s nightmare, the emotion of it all.

She turned off the running water and shook her hands of the droplets. When she turned, Caroline was standing in the archway. And she realized what she’d done. She’d run off when Caroline had been going through a moment. She wanted to apologize but that would only invite questions. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Jeremy Gilbert is texting you.” The question was written all over her face even though she was smiling.

Bonnie chuckled. “Yeah, we’re actually friends now.” She was sometimes still surprised at how that had happened.

“Since when?” Caroline asked incredulously, walking to the island.

“Since about a month.”

The smile fell from Caroline’s face. “Wow. I had no idea.” And then she remembered something else she hadn’t had any idea about.

“Well you’ve been busy.” It was as if she’d rehearsed the rationalization a thousand times.

“Stefan told me....” and it was there she realized how ridiculous that sounded. Stefan told her. “He told me about your witch friend.”

“He’s a warlock. And it’s fine, you know?” She traced invisible patterns on the granite. “I’m dealing with it.”

“With Jeremy’s help?”

“Yeah,” she smiled.

But Caroline wasn’t smiling. “How close are you guys?” Exactly how much had she missed? Bonnie had managed to acquire two friends without her knowing, one of whom had betrayed her.

“Very close.” She chuckled again. “He’s on my speed dial now.”


She nodded and then went to answer the text.

“I guess I’ve missed a lot,” Caroline commented dourly in the living room.

Bonnie looked up at her after she sent the text. “I didn’t tell you. We haven’t really been talking, remember? It’s not like I knew what was going on with you either.” And she didn’t have to think long to find a glaring example of that fact.

“Right because people usually have to tell me things.” They both knew she was the nosey, intrusive, snoopey one of the group. The one who latched onto the smallest observation and then proceeded to fire off a thousand questions. Especially where Bonnie was concerned. She was getting better where Elena was concerned: she was successfully losing the snide tone when she asked the questions.

“Well,” she livened up and walked to Bonnie. “Obviously that’s going to change. We were having a moment, going through some growing pains, but it’s over now and things will go back to normal,” she declared.

Bonnie smiled and set her phone down. “Got it,” she said, nodding once.

Caroline laughed. “Okay, ignore the irony between me saying we’ll go back to normal and what I’m about to do.” She kissed her and drew her close.

Bonnie laughed in the kiss and caused Caroline to laugh in turn. “You taste like honey,” Bonnie said.

“That’s because you decided to dump the whole bottle into your tea.”

“I like it sweet!”

“Mmm-hmm,” she responded, widening her eyes as if Bonnie was a weirdo, and she licked her lips.


Caroline bit her lip. “Wanna go to my bedroom?” Maybe she should have said instead of asked. Her neck became prickly due to her uncertainty.


She gave her a deadpan look. “Are you serious?”

Bonnie chuckled. “We don’t have to,” she tried, lifting a shoulder.

“Wha...um.” Her whole body was getting in on the embarrassment now. She felt like she couldn’t move. “Okay,” she said, closing her eyes and orienting herself before she overreacted. Opening them, she said, “You do realize I’m asking to go to my bedroom so we can...have sex....right?”

Hearing it put out like that, with no preamble, knocked the breath from Bonnie. She looked like a deer caught in headlights. “Sex?”

Well she hadn’t been thinking of sex, more like going down on Bonnie and then Bonnie could maybe go down on her again and then they’d switch once more, but....sex didn’t sound so bad. She pictured them rubbing their vaginas against each other. Didn’t sound so bad at all. “You don’t want that,” she realized, letting go of Bonnie’s waist, the rejection making her take a step back.

“Caroline, what happened last night was me doing something for you. I did it because I wanted to, because I liked it,” she hurried to add, remembering Caroline’s earlier bone of contention. “I wasn’t expecting anything in return; I’m not expecting anything in return.”

“But you want it,” she tried.

No. It wasn’t a favor to be returned.”

Caroline inhaled deeply. “Got it.”

“Good,” she smiled.

Caroline walked up to her, heels clicking assuredly on the floor, in this instance loving the fact that she was taller. “I’m going to brush my teeth. And then I’m going to my bedroom and I’m gonna take my clothes off until I’m only wearing my pale yellow lacy bra and underwear that I’m only now remembering you said washes me out.” She tried not to swallow, tried not to show her nervousness. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer. “I’ll be waiting for you. If you can get it out of your head that I’m trying to return a favor? I’d....love....to have my bed smelling the way your underwear has been smelling for the past forty minutes. And I’m pretty sure all day.”

Bonnie was barely breathing. Caroline was standing super close to her. Her pussy lips met each other at Caroline’s comment about her bed smelling like her. Before she could say anything, however, Caroline was gone.

To Be Continued.....

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This was so hot - great job, bb!

I liked the awkwardness and their communication issues a lot. Keep em coming.

Woohoo, and dedicated to me! :)

Thank you!

I imagine the communication issues are a stable of their relationship (why can't these two be showcased more?), and I think it would get worse (at least for a little while) if they started developing feelings for each other and tried to communicate those feelings.

I especially liked it because it reminded me a lot of "History Repeating" and just that whole little circle of miscommunication between these two and how endearing and hilarious that was.

I love your work, bb, so much love!

This was really different and I enjoyed reading it. Are you going to do part 3? I'm interested in what happens next. I'm glad Elena isn't really part of this story.

Glad to hear! This was actually part of part 2, but I felt it was getting long and split it. So I already have 10 pages of part 3, but I set it aside to start a new TVD series, and then I got further sidetracked by the Bonnie/Tyler story. I'm going to update the series, and then continue working on part 3 and post it.

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