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Rate My Professor-NC-17
<lj user=karahalliwell>
Author: angryzen 
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Shane
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Professor Shane, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert.
Summary: College preparedness includes meeting your professor before the first day of class. A visit to Whitmore leads to Bonnie's first teacher evaluation, Caroline's turn as a mentor, and Elena's first blood high. 
Timeline: The tweets take place between 4.01 and 4.03.
A/N1: I might turn this into a four-parter. Bonnie and Shane are talking/subtly flirting a lot more in part 3 than I anticipated.

Part 1  
Part 2 of 5

Bonnie's trip to Whitmore almost didn't happen, because a vampire came close to killing her while she was trying to choose between two outfits. 

She was standing in her bedroom, clad in a knee-length rich brown bathrobe, imagining herself walking around campus and meeting Shane in both outfits in order to decide which would make her look her best when her bedroom door suddenly crashed against the wall, causing the body sprays, lotions, and picture frames on the nearby dresser to knock into each other and topple over. 

Her scream was shrill enough to break down the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead. She came closer than she had ever been to Caroline's vampire face. Quick as lightning, Caroline was three inches from her face, fangs, red eyes, veins and all, yelling:


In the midst of her terror, and unable to tell if her heart was still beating or not, Bonnie tried to get away, but her brain had trouble communicating with her legs, so she wound up taking one step back and falling hard on her butt. "CAROLINE!"

Caroline didn't register Bonnie’s anger brought on by her fright. Her head was tipped back and she was laughing from deep in her throat and clapping her hands.

"I could've killed you!" Bonnie admonished from her position on the floor.

"Yeah right! Your powers aren't working! Do you seriously think I would've done this if they were? Do you have any idea how many days I've been waiting to do this?!" She cackled like a Hollywood witch.

"Well you don't know!" Bonnie huffed. "Extreme fear could've brought them back!"

"I considered that. I figured the worst that would happen is that you’d given me an aneurysm. Not like I haven't experienced that before," she said, referring to the time Greta Martin took her out, in part, with an aneurysm. "It would've been worth it though. Your face!" She chuckled anew. "I got you good, didn't I?"

"No," Bonnie swore and then collapsed on the floor and waited for her heart rate to decrease. Her stomach trembled from the sudden rush of adrenaline. A giggle escaped her, and then she started chuckling.

"Oh my God." Caroline's voice had a hint of wistfulness as she plopped herself on Bonnie's bed and stared at the ceiling. "That was amazing. I should've caught it on video."

"I'm gonna get you next year."

"Thanks for the warning."

"Pfft, you'll have forgotten by then."

"Vampires have long memories."

"Yeah right." Bonnie sat up upon voicing her disbelief and then she stood.

"So what's with the wardrobe dilemma?" Caroline asked while she turned to lie on her stomach, her boots-enclosed feet swaying in the air.

"I'm going to Whitmore for the day."


"College," she supplied while considering her choices. She had made up her mind on which blouse and sweater combination to wear. There was something about almost dying of a heart attack that aided in the decision process.

"Wait, you're skipping school again, this time to go out of town?"

"I need it," she insisted meekly. When Caroline inclined her head in a clear, 'Yeah right,' she said, "My doctor's note is still good." Her father had gotten one of his friends, who was a doctor, to write her a note, excusing her from up to a week and a half's worth of classes. Rudy Wilson had suggested getting her the note after she'd told him she was going to miss a second day of school. Rudy could read his daughter's moods, a fact that  made his refusal to talk to Bonnie about her magic worse. Bonnie preferred to think that his willingness to let her skip school with no questions asked was her reward for being such a trustworthy daughter (for the most part) all those years before.

"Why are you going to Whitmore? Is it because of......?" Caroline let her question trail off out of respect.

"Kind of. Uh, I got in touch with the professor who's now teaching her classes, and he invited me to sit in on one." She wasn't going to bother going to a philosophy class. She could do that on another day.

"Nice. Things got a little exciting at school," Caroline began and sat up on the side of the bed. "Elena went back on Monday and Rebekah pretty much tortured her. She smeared blood----"

"Caroline?......Did she almost die?"


"Elena. Was her life threatened or something?"

"Uh, not really."

"Then I don't....wanna hear about it," Bonnie said, unconsciously lifting her shoulders in order to assuage the awkwardness she felt at voicing such an unexpected opposition. She hadn't planned on saying anything. Her instinct had been to bear the talk of Elena and whatever she had going on, but listening to the beginning of Caroline's story had impressively caused her mood to plummet worse than the thought of Shane's dead girlfriend had last night. She had put her foot down and she hoped Caroline wouldn't question her about it. She knew chances were good that her friend would simply take her word, though. She had come to find that she could count on Caroline for that. 

Bonnie had no explanation to voice, none that would maker her or Caroline feel better anyways. She only had the feelings that, despite her attempts to keep them at bay, had crept through during her stay at home.

"Sorry," Caroline offered.

"It's ok," Bonnie assured her and gave a small smile. She grabbed the blouse and went to her full-length mirror.

"So I guess you still haven't talked to her."

"Nope," she sighed and put the top on her chest. "She hasn't been by; hasn't called, and I haven't been by and I haven't called." She had no idea how Elena was doing as a vampire. She realized belatedly that though Stefan had come by and had held a quasi conversation with her on her porch for about a minute, he hadn’t shared news about how Elena was doing. "I haven't seen anyone. I mean Jeremy called me after you guys left here the day of, and then he came by the next day, but I just couldn't deal. I promised him I'd text if I needed anything."

"You see me," Caroline pointed out.

"You're not anyone," Bonnie said, her tone containing a pinch of the obvious. "And you know that," she continued with a turn from the mirror, "And you're just fishing for compliments."

"I am," Caroline confirmed proudly with the shrug of one shoulder blade. 

Caroline no longer understood how Bonnie and Elena related to each other, or, more immediate to her concerns, how Bonnie related to Elena, and it was a topic she was looking to bring up. Before, the question of Bonnie and Elena relating to each other wasn’t pertinent. There hadn’t been need to think about it; it just was, just like she and Bonnie just were, and she and Elena just were

Bonnie hadn’t spoken to her much during their stay at Abby’s house. Caroline would ask her if she was okay, if everything was okay, and Bonnie would reply “Yeah” or “Yeah, it’s fine.” She would ask her if she needed anything, and she would reply, “No, I’m fine.” Her words had never matched her demeanor. She’d looked tired and mousy. And it wasn’t until she’d started coming over after Sheila’s banishment that she recalled that Bonnie had also spoken in a pitch lower than usual, almost as if she hadn’t wanted to hear her own voice. Caroline recalled how she’d sounded because that was how she’d sounded the first few days when she would drop by in the wake of Sheila’s banishment. Bonnie was starting to sound more like herself, but her voice dropped any time they got onto a topic that might bring up anyone outside of the house, everyone she was taking a break from.

And now Caroline was faced with a Bonnie who did not want to talk about Elena, and the capper was that she wasn’t sure if Bonnie was putting a moratorium on the topic of Elena because she was angry with Elena, mad at Elena, irritated with Elena, maybe it was Elena’s affiliation with what happened to Sheila? Maybe it was because Elena was a vampire? 

But Caroline knew the last option did not qualify; she just knew it in her gut. After seeing her for the last couple of days, she couldn’t imagine that this was how Bonnie had spent her time after she’d become a vampire.

Caroline had been happy when Bonnie had forgiven Elena after Abby’s transition. It had seemed like the right thing to happen, for Bonnie and Elena to make up. She hadn’t wanted them to be on the outs. 

Now they were on the outs again, on Bonnie’s side at least, on Bonnie’s side again. There was something wrong in Bonnie’s corner and it had to do with Elena, and Caroline didn’t understand what exactly the problem was, because she knew that if Elena showed up in the next second, Bonnie would greet her and interact with her as if nothing was wrong. And yet she didn’t want to talk about her.

So how did Bonnie relate to Elena? How did she work things out in her head? How does she not want to talk about Elena and yet will force herself to act natural in Elena’s face?

Caroline knew she got the real Bonnie all the time, no matter how happy, depressed, and, yes, angry. Bonnie certainly had not had a problem making it known when she’d had a problem with her being a vampire. And this was the part where her emotions threatened to force her to open her mouth and bring up the topic, because she’d had to deal with Bonnie looking at her as if she didn’t know who she was; Bonnie had avoided her for days, with not so much as a phone call or a text. 

Caroline was frustrated because she didn’t understand what the hell was going on, why it was complicated (apparently), or why it was different in this case when things had been so straightforward with her----

“Oh my God!” she said suddenly, cutting off her consideration of the girl who was straightening her perfumes, lotions, and picture frames.

What?” Bonnie asked testily. Caroline had scared her again.

Caroline held in her amusement. “A trip is perfect. Elena and I can come with you!”

What?” This time, Bonnie turned from her dresser.

“Elena needs to learn to feed from the vein, and this is the perfect opportunity for her to do it. We can go to Whitmore, and I can teach her, show her the ropes.”

“What......What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you don’t know. She can’t drink from blood bags or animals, it has to come straight from the vein, straight from the source.”

Bonnie shook her head, trying to get it. “Why?”

Caroline shrugged. “She thinks it’s because of her doppelganger status. She throws up any other blood. It kind of sucks, to be honest. But, we can come with you, go out of town, and I can teach her control and how to feed on people.”

“You don’t feed on people.”

“No, but I know control. And...I want to feed on people. Sometimes.” Mostly she just wanted to kill them. She was more interested in killing them than on feeding on them. “Do you know who she’s been feeding on this whole time to get her fix?” she asked, cocking her head to the right.

Bonnie shook her head.



“Matt. Matthias Donovan.” Caroline stood and started pacing in measured steps, gesticulating with her arms as she spoke. “He who wanted nothing to do with this once upon a time, yeah, now he’s walking around with a bandage on his neck and another one on his wrist. I saw him at school on Monday, and I think it was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. He’s serving as her personal blood bank.”

“Wait!” Bonnie exclaimed, needing a break in order to process the information. She considered the worst. “Is she compelling him?”

“I have no idea! No, I don’t think so,” Caroline admitted in the next beat. “He’s in this....guilt spiral thing. He thinks it’s his fault she’s a vampire.” At Bonnie’s confused look, she explained, “He kidnapped her, remember? She wouldn’t have been on that bridge if it hadn’t been for him. And Jeremy. So he thinks it’s his fault Rebekah got the chance to drive them off the road. Not to mention Elena told Stefan to save him, and he’s of the opinion that that shouldn’t have happened, that Stefan shouldn’t have saved him first. So now he thinks he owes Elena his life, and this is his way of paying her back.”

Bonnie couldn’t reconcile what she was hearing with the Matt she knew. 

“They’ve been kind of close lately, but this is.....weird. You should see him, Bonnie, it’s....weird. And it’s not safe. Feeding from only one person? One person? That’s dangerous. His body can’t sustain that, and I don’t know what she’s doing to ween herself off of him, but I’m gonna help her along. She’s going to find other people to suck on, because this is just....” She huffed.

“Have you spoken to Matt about this?” Bonnie asked with a raised eyebrow. It was clear that Caroline was venting, which most likely meant that she hadn’t spoken to anyone about Matt’s situation.

No. There’s no way he’d listen to me. He’s convinced he owes her, and she’s enabling him. And her....I don’t know what to say to her. So I figure the best course of action is for Matt to show up one day, only to find out that Elena no longer needs him. Maybe then he’ll figure out something else to do with his time, maybe light up or hit the bottle or something.”

She was at the same point of frustration with Matt that she was with Bonnie. Her question was why. Why was this different? Matt had recoiled from her when he’d found out that she was a vampire, had conspired with her mother and lied to her, and had finally broken up with her because he wanted a different life. Things had been so hard with both Bonnie and Matt. Both of them had broken her heart, particularly because they’d both made their opinions and desires crystal clear to her, and now both of them were....what in the hell were they doing? She didn’t understand, and it was enough to make her want to blow a gasket.

Bonnie sighed but kept from massaging the bridge of her nose. “Fine,” she said and turned to fix her toiletries and pictures.

“No. Oh no, no, no. I didn’t say all that to guilt trip you.”

“Yeah, right,” she responded flatly.

“I’m serious! I’m sorry,” Caroline plead and sat heavily on the bed. “It just all came out, but you know what, if you don’t want us to come, then I’ll figure something else out. You just do what you need to do,” she said encouragingly.

“No, it’s fine,” Bonnie said and turned around. “Please, please come with me. You’re right; she does need to learn to feed from other people because this isn’t healthy for Matt, and I couldn’t think of two other people I’d rather spend time with, so please. Please come with me to Whitmore.”

Caroline narrowed her eyes, parsing through the heavy sarcasm in order to latch on to the part where Bonnie agreed with her. “You won’t even know we’re there.”

“I won’t know there’s an almost week-old vampire roaming the campus and feeding on people?”

It wasn’t above Caroline to make promises that were perhaps impossible to keep, because she always did her best to keep them. “Nope.”

“I’m leaving in two hours.” Bonnie turned and resumed righting her dresser.

A/N2: Elena appears in part 3.

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