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Rate My Professor-NC-17
<lj user=karahalliwell>
Author angryzen
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Shane
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Professor Shane, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert.
Summary: College preparedness includes meeting your professor before the first day of class. A visit to Whitmore leads to Bonnie's first teacher evaluation, Caroline's turn as a mentor, and Elena's first blood high. 
Timeline: The tweets take place between 4.01 and 4.03.

Part 1 Part 2
Part 3 of 6

The drive to Whitmore took an hour and fifty minutes. Bonnie began to let go of her disappointment at having two tag-alongs when the markers that signaled the distance to the college began to appear

She breathed new air when she got out of the car. The scene on campus looked so different from what she was used to at the high school that she momentarily forgot about her companions.

“Bonnie, are you sure you’re okay with this?” Elena asked after she came around the back of the car. She had grabbed the passenger’s seat without a second thought once she and Caroline had made it back to Bonnie’s house. Caroline had given her a sideways glance. They were both skipping school for the trip.

“We’re already here, aren’t we?” Bonnie asked as nicely as she could. “No going back now, though I’m sure you guys could’ve done this back home.”

“We couldn’t have,” Caroline contradicted. “There’s a hunter in town, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” Bonnie said passively. “You guys could’ve gone to Duke, if you really wanted a campus atmosphere.”

“Well....” Caroline began. “I mean I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to spend some time together. Why not?” she asked rhetorically when Bonnie stared at her and Elena looked at their surroundings. “I just thought it would be nice if we spent just a couple of minutes together. You know, maybe talk?”

“Right,” Bonnie said, unmoved.

“Wait, Bonnie, are you applying to Whitmore?” Elena asked.


“You applied to Whitmore?” Caroline parroted.

“Well, I haven’t sent everything in yet, but I’m almost there.”

“When did you have time to do this?” Caroline asked.

“The past couple of weeks. I mean, that’s my life. I get home and suddenly everything has to be normal: talking to my dad, walking around the house, talking about school, normal. Nothing that happens outside the house matters once I get inside,” she said on a laugh full of disbelief. “So applying for college on top of....everything,” she didn’t look at Elena, “Isn’t a big deal. It’s just the routine of my life.” Her bitterness was rising.

“Speaking of everything,” Elena sighed, “I don’t know if college is in my future anymore.”

“Why not? It’s in my future,” Caroline pointed out.

“I just....I don’t know.”

Caroline shared a look with Bonnie, a look that went beyond Elena’s notice

“Okay, well I’m gonna go,” Bonnie announced. “Shane’s class starts in ten minutes, so.” She took deep breath. “Do not kill anyone; do not toy with anyone; just....do what you came here to do,” she said to Elena.

Elena nodded and pursed her lips.

“That’s lesson number one,” Caroline began. “You need an anchor. You need expectations; expectations are important. And no one has more expectations than Bonnie,” Caroline said happily.

Bonnie narrowed her eyes in suspicion, not sure where this was going.

“When I was learning to control myself, I thought of everything I wanted: first of all, I wanted to feel like myself again. I was sick and tired of my emotions being out of control. I wanted to stop avoiding my mom. I wanted to be a regular person again. I wanted to see Matt again. And, I wanted Bonnie to stop being mad at me.”

“I wasn’t mad at you,” Bonnie corrected.

“Felt like it,” Caroline replied without looking at her. Her focus remained on Elena. “So you need to find something, someone, people, or a couple of things, to live for: Jeremy, Stefan, Damon---”

“I thought you didn’t like Damon.”

“No, but you do, so if he’s the one that will make you fight, then focus on him. Focus on yourself. You want to be old Elena again; you don’t want to be driven by your urges.&rdquo

Elena nodded, though her face was hard with unresolved tension.

“Listen to Caroline,” Bonnie counseled Elena. “She’s surpassed expectations.”

Caroline beamed.

Elena suddenly felt out of her element and developed an overwhelming urge to go back home. She wasn’t used to being talked at, to being instructed, not by the two of them. The expectations that the two girls talked about suddenly straddled her shoulders like an albatross

“Okay, see ya,” Bonnie said abruptly and walked off.

“Okay,” Elena sighed. “How do I do this?”

Hoping she would be effective in this role, Caroline began: “You need to choose someone, anyone. Sometimes I zero in on someone because I don’t like their outfit, or they’re mismatching. Sometimes they’re wearing high heels that they obviously can’t walk in. Sometimes they have an ugly haircut or an ugly hairstyle. Sometimes the person will look like they smell.” Those particular people, the supposedly smelly ones, she imagined killing with a swift snap of the neck.  “But sometimes they look good! Amazing. But I mostly---”

“Focus on the ones with flaws,” Elena said, amused.  

“Yeah,” she let out on a charged exhalation. It was a good thing she’d downed two bags of blood this morning. The last thing she wanted was to be influenced by Elena’s scoping out targets, end up killing someone, and ruin Bonnie’s trip. “You just need to find your own niche.”


Bonnie tried to be inconspicuous as she took a deep breath in the hallway outside of the  lecture room. She let everything out and then she walked in. The room was bigger than she’d anticipated, and she surveyed the people in it as she made her way down to the front. She kept her eyes down on purpose, because she knew Shane was already in the room, and she didn’t want to look at him until she was absolutely ready. She found a seat and looked up and almost laughed at herself. It was if she was back in ninth grade and she was waiting for Ben McKittrick to walk into the cafeteria at any moment

Shane blew Ben out of the water, however. He was waiting for the computer to load so that he could open his presentation, and he looked even better than his photo. He waited beautifully, in Bonnie’s opinion, his face perfectly composed yet expectant, his arms outstretched on either side of the podium. He was a dream

She fingered her phone. There was no need to check the website. She had the living, breathing professor in front of her.

He opened the powerpoint and then walked to the front and waited for everyone to settle. He put his hands in his pockets, and Bonnie focused on his shoulders: broad enough. That said promising things about what his back must look like

It wasn’t until he spoke that she remembered that he was here to give a lecture, to do his job, not be ogled by her. She hoped the lecture wasn’t boring.


Bonnie had wanted to participate many times during the seventy-five minute lecture, but she had clamped her hands together and kept her mouth shut. She liked the way Shane taught. She found it interesting, even though he seemed to have trouble getting his class to participate. And when some of them had grown tired of the silence and chosen to participate, she had wanted to sink into her chair. She’d even rolled her eyes a couple of times at some of the opinions, something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by Shane.

He’d made her out and would sometimes look at her while saying something, or after someone had said something, as if they shared an inside joke. It made the class even more interesting for her.

The lecture was over and some students went up to talk to Shane, about some points in the lecture, about something they’d heard in a documentary, about the five page paper he’d reminded them about, so she hung back. Her turn soon came, and she approached him tentatively and took in his smile.


“Hi,” she responded on a laugh. “I’m Bonnie,” she said quickly and held out her hand.

“Shane,” he answered and shook her hand with a cold one, a result of the air conditioning. “I was hoping my shoe-horned Twitter reference wouldn’t go unnoticed,” he said lightly.

“I thought that was meant for me.”

He smiled and set to packing his things. “So what did you think of the class?”

“Hey sorry,” someone said at Bonnie’s side

She turned and encountered a burly guy who sounded like a good time was always on his itinerary. “You going to the murder house party tonight?”

“Uh, no?&rdquo

“Well, you’re invited,” he said, handing her a flyer complete with a nice smile. “See you there.”

“Thanks,” she said, elated

“See you on Tuesday, professor.”

“Later,” Shane said, stuck in a mid-bend as he watched the student leave.

“I’m sorry,” Bonnie apologized. “I have no idea who he is.”

“It’s okay; I didn’t think so,” he assured as he continued packing up. “But manners, what are they?” He gave her suffering look beneath his lashes.

“Yeah, it seems you bored some people in the back row.”

“I wasn’t boring them; they were having a discussion about witches, didn’t you hear him?”

She laughed and they made their way out of the classroom through the exit by the podium

“So, were you bored or did I surpass expectations? My official evaluation is still a couple of months away, but if you feel there’s something I need to change or work on now....”

“Hmmm,” she mulled over her answer, all the while trying valiantly to hide her smile. “It was better than I expected. I might need to sit in on a couple more lectures, but I think you’re off to a good start.”

“Does this mean I’ve won you over to the anthropology department?”

She chuckled. “Maybe. I mean....I wouldn’t mind hearing more.”

Shane almost stopped walking at the tone of her voice, but he moved on. She probably sounded like that in every day conversation, though he wasn’t sure about the look in her eyes when he’d glanced at her. “Do you have time? I have a forty-five minute break before my next class, and I was going to grab lunch. I can regale you with a preview of Tuesday’s lecture.”

“I’m actually here with two friends, but yeah, I do have time.”

They made their way to the food court, and he offered to pay for her food. She declined, but he insisted and looked her in the eyes while doing it, and she wasn’t sure why that seemed so different. She allowed him to pay for her, and, once they were seated, he thanked her for coming.

“It was worth the trip.&rdquo

“Have you checked out any of the philosophy classes I suggested?”

“Uh, I will. Sometime. So tell me. What’s the plan for next week?”

Shane nodded and rubbed his hands together, and began. They went on a tangent about his expertise and his travels. Bonnie told him of the many trips she had made to Whitmore in the past, how she used to hang out in Sheila’s office, how she and her father sometimes came to town in order to shop. She told him what high school she went to and that she wasn’t so much excited to go to college, but was just....waiting. Waiting to see what it would be like.

“Change of scenery, right?”

“Right,” she concurred. “And I guess I should start being collegiate. I should probably change my Twitter handle.”

“Itchin’ bitch?”

“Not itchin’ bitch. Itch in bitch. It’s from one of my favorite movies. Bring it On? Have you heard of it?”

“That...cheerleading movie?”

“Yeah. I...was...a cheerleader.”

“Really?” He sounded wholly fascinated. “I mean---”

“What?” Bonnie egged him on.

“Nothing,” he said quickly with a smile.

“No, go ahead, what? Have some prejudices you need to get off your chest?”

“No, not at all. I just wouldn’t think on sight that you were....a cheerleader.”

“Whatever that means,” she countered.

“Whatever that means,” he agreed.

“I quit,” she admitted. “It just...fell down the list of priorities. Anyways, that’s one of my favorite lines in the movie. She puts the itch in bitch.”

He nodded and sipped his Powerade

“What about you? Your last name is Acc---Acc---”

“Acciai,” he pronounced it for her. “It’s Italian.”

“You’re Italian?”

“As recently as my great-grandparents,” he laughed. “I keep meaning to visit the country though.”

“So where does the S in SShane come from?”

“It’s a nickname.”

She inclined her head playfully at his reservation and peered into him like she was trying to read him, and his smile widened in amusement.

“I don’t think you need to change your Twitter handle. Not unless you plan on harassing other unsuspecting professors.”

“I didn’t harass you!” she objected indignantly. “I was having a private conversation, and you decided to butt in.”

“A private conversation with yourself?”

“Yes,” she said with a lift of her chin, and he chuckled.

She opened the flyer she had received earlier and spread it on the table, smoothing it with her hand.

“Are you going?” He indicated the flyer with his cup. “And by the way, happy Halloween.”

“Thanks,” she responded without thinking. And then, “Happy Halloween to you too.” She could’ve sworn after her initial response, though, that he’d looked at her just a little more intensely. “And I don’t know if I’m going.”

“I almost pledged to them.”

“You were almost a frat boy?&rdquo

“I’m trying to figure out if that’s disbelief I’m hearing or ridicule.”

“Which were you feeling when you said you wouldn’t guess I was a cheerleader?” she asked boldly



“I quit in the middle of pledging.”

“Ooo, I bet that was pretty.”

Yeah. But looking at the current brothers, I’d say I made the right call.”

“I would agree. And I don’t know if I’m going. Maybe. I don’t,” She cut her waffling short with a grimace.

“Well hey, I have two classes left for the day, and then I’m done. Whoever packed your grandmother’s stuff a couple of months ago missed some things. They’re stacked away in the office. If you want to take them back with you....You’re welcome to stop by. I’ll be in the office around nine.”

“I’d love that. I mean, you know, that would be nice.&rdquo


Bonnie strolled at her leisure, from the cafeteria to where Caroline and Elena were currently stationed, which was at a table among groups of tables in the quad in front of the interdisciplinary sciences building. She waved the flyer at her side, used it to brush the air, as she replayed the time she’d just spent with Shane.

The reality of him was better than her jaded fantasy, a rare occurrence. He was more fun to talk to in person. He did indeed have a nice back. He had gotten up at one point to refill their drinks. His voice was an enticing mix of hoarse, deep, and gentle. When he spoke, she found herself holding still and tilting forward. The raspy timbre of his voice arrested her attention. She didn’t want to miss anything he said, nor did she want to ask him to repeat himself, because that would be wasting time when she could be listening to him pronounce words, words that she’d heard many people articulate before in different contexts but that took on new and more interesting forms when they came out of his mouth.

She wished she’d paid more attention to his mouth.

The flyer slipped from her flaccid fingers and she bent to retrieve it and then continued her playback.

She wished she’d paid more attention to his mouth, but she was more than satisfied with the copious amount of eye contact she had made with him. Those eyes. Set in that face. Accentuated by those eyebrows.

She started smiling to herself. She could watch his mouth later. She definitely wanted to see him again. Talking to him had been....a little exhilarating.  

Actually no. The exhilaration, what she felt at this moment, came from the fact that she wanted to....kiss him. She wanted to kiss Shane. Why not?

How would that work out?

She wasn’t going to start Whitmore for months ahead. She can kiss him and not show her face on campus until freshman orientation.

How would that work out? She had had fun talking to him. They’d laughed, but....how old was he

A nice conversation replete with talks about his travels, his upcoming lecture, her present and her future did not mean he was ready to kiss her. Or that he wanted to kiss her. Or that she wasn’t too young for him.

Exhilaration officially dulled.

She came out of her head just in time to watch Caroline harshly drop her butt on a bench in a fit of frustration and stiffly put one leg over the other while she crossed her arms.

Elena turned to face Bonnie, slow, and Bonnie knew the two vampires were reaching the end of their respective ropes.

“How’s it going?” She asked tentatively, her steps suddenly echoing those of someone who was walking in a mine field.  

“It isn’t,” Caroline said tightly. “It’s not going anywhere. We haven’t gotten anywhere.”

“You haven’t fed from anyone?&rdquo

Bonnie’s disbelief skidded on Elena’s nerves.

“It’s been like two hours.”

Elena inhaled but before she could answer, Caroline cut in

“Two hours, yeah. She’s determined to block herself. Every person I point to, she tries, and then she freezes.” Caroline stands up to better make her point. “She starts thinking about their families and their friends, and their lives, and I keep telling her to let go of all of that, but she can’t. I don’t know why. Just feed and wipe their memory!”

Caroline spoke to Bonnie as if she had been the one freezing up for two hours.

“It’s not that simple,” Elena says tightly.

“You have no trouble doing it to Matt,” Caroline whirls on Elena. “I mean I know we haven’t seen his mom in like forever, but she still exists. He has friends; he has a job; he had a sister, like....what is the problem?”

“Caroline...is there something you wanna say to me? I mean....you’ve been....” She has never been good at confronting Caroline or Bonnie. She actually couldn’t think of a time when she’d done so. Back when Caroline was prickly with her, Bonnie was always the one who stopped Caroline with a look or a well-timed “Caroline.” But Caroline singling her out had never felt like this. It had been annoyance: Caroline would be annoyed by her, and she would become annoyed with Caroline. But this....

She missed Damon. And Stefan. If Stefan were here, he’d be taking his time with her. He’d be going at her pace, suggesting things before she would even get the chance to think it. Damon wouldn’t go at her pace, but he would be considerate if she played her cards right. It wasn’t that she preferred to be handled with kid gloves. But there was no denying that it felt nice. Nicer than this. Because she’d started picking up something from the way Caroline spoke to her, and now that Bonnie was back and the tall blonde was venting, Elena officially felt like she was being talked at. There was something going on between Caroline and Bonnie. Bonnie didn’t say anything at the moment, but Elena remembered her demeanor before she’d left for the lecture

She was uncomfortable, and she wanted to go home

“What?” Caroline shrugged

The innocence of it made Elena’s face twitch. “Why did you invite me here? Okay, what is this? Why are you suddenly concerned about me feeding?”

“You left me a message telling me the animal blood thing wasn’t working with Stefan.”

“So it took you this long to get back to me? I’ve got it under control.”

“Oh, you mean Matt?”

Bonnie wanted to sit on the bench Caroline had vacated.

“Yeah, I mean Matt. He’s been helping me. You have no idea what this feels like. I can’t eat---”

“Matt isn’t doing this to help you. That’s not all of it. He’s got some weird guilt-penance thing going on. Do you have any idea how guilty he feels about that accident?”

“He said he owed me; he feels like he owes me.”

“And he’s repaying you by being a human blood bag!”

“Caroline,” Bonnie said under her breath. The agitated vampire was getting loud.

“That’s not normal,” Caroline continued, undeterred. “It’s not healthy, and you’re just letting him---”

“What do you want me to do, Caroline?! I’m not his shrink!”

“Hey!” Bonnie yelled louder than Elena

None of them paid attention to the six people that looked their way as they headed to and from class, but Elena gave Bonnie her attention while attempting to calm down. Her pin-straight hair framed her face in a way that made her look like she was off her rocker. Caroline kept her attention on Elena. She was gobsmacked primarily by the tone of Elena’s response since she wasn’t used to her snapping at her, and underneath that she was surprised by the dismissal in what Elena had said.

Elena wanted to bend to Bonnie’s will, but she wasn’t done. She couldn’t let what she’d said stand, so she turned to Caroline and continued. “I know he’s going through some stuff, but....so am I---”

Right,” Caroline said sharply.

Elena looked at Caroline like the latter was evolving into a beast before her eyes, and she cut her attention to Bonnie. She spoke to Bonnie, but she sounded like she was continuing her argument with Caroline. “How was your lecture?&rdquo

“It was fine,” Bonnie said calmly. “Um. There’s a Halloween party happening tonight. I’ve been invited. We can go.” She holds the flyer out to Elena without thinking and flinches when she takes it.


“Nothing,” Bonnie said between her teeth even though Death had giddily run up her arm and wrapped around her neck and wrapped around her neck and wrapped around her neck until she was forced to cough. Elena had no kills under her belt, so instead, Bonnie felt her basic desires. Elena wanted blood. She wanted to feed and she wanted to fight. Bonnie flexed her hand and hoped the brunette would succeed in controlling herself and not fly off the handle and into Caroline’s face.

“You’re dead,” Caroline said insensitively. She apologized when Elena gasped. “Sorry. But it’s her witchy senses. You guys haven’t touched since you turned; I think it’s been a week?” She put on a show of mentally calculating the days.

Bonnie shot her a look. While she found a certain purgation in watching Caroline argue with Elena, she really wasn’t in the mood to argue with the new vampire herself. She might find herself as tongue-tied as Elena had just been.

“Your powers....are gone. But you can still feel how dead I am?” Elena swallowed, and her face fell. Her small lips parted as her eyes wandered and she momentarily retreated into herself

The sight almost made Bonnie apologize for something that existed for her own good. “You can’t lose something that’s innate, I guess,” she said softly. “More innate than my other powers, I don’t know.”

Bonnie had lost her powers, but she still had the one mechanism that alerted her to danger. She, Elena, was danger. People, a witch, needed to be alerted to her. Elena was suddenly very tired. Despondent, she read the flyer with no real interest. “A murder house party?”

“What are we dressing as?” Caroline asked. “Vampires and witches?”

“I’m not dressing as a witch.”

“And I’m not going as a vampire,” Elena said. All of her disinterest in Caroline’s idea was in her dark eyes when she looked at her.

“Besides,” Bonnie continued, “There’s a theme.” She sat on Elena’s right. “You either dress as a real killer or the victim of a killer.”

Elena scrunched her nose, and Caroline voiced what she felt about the theme. “Ew. That’s....morbid. And kind of lame. I don’t think I’d throw that kind of party,” she said, thinking to herself

Bonnie smiled.

“We should match,” Caroline said. “Which means we should go as victims,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. “It’s easier to match.”

“Buying costumes on Halloween? Good costumes?” Elena asked

“I know some stores. I mean I don’t know if we’ll find much, but we can check them out,” Bonnie offered.

“And if not, there’s always lingerie stores. What?” Caroline asked when Elena and Bonnie looked at her. She switched gears and softened her voice, because even though she’d lost it with Elena, she did not want this trip to be a failure. She wanted to close the Matt Donovan Blood Bank for good, because its existence was bad for Matt’s mental health, and because if it continued to exist, she might be sent into rages, because back when she was struggling----“This is another chance. You didn’t feed. You need to at some point, and this party is a great opportunity.”

Caroline sounded very understanding and very encouraging. This was the soothing voice that had made Elena agree to the trip even though her stomach had knotted at the suggestion. Maybe the stomach knotting had been a sign. And maybe she should’ve listened to it. She sighed. “Fine.” As she was getting up, she felt like there was a vampire about three hundred years older than her pushing her down. Whatever had happened between her and Caroline, wherever it had come from, whatever it was that Bonnie was thinking or feeling, it wasn’t over. She walked between them as they made their way back to the car, and she decided that she’d be ready the next time something went off.

“Bonnie, the professor’s class took two hours?” Caroline asked.

“No, uh. We ate lunch afterwards.”

Elena looked at her curiously and Bonnie wondered if that sounded like a date. “We talked about my grams,” was the first thing that came out of her mouth, and it worked. Elena faced forward and her features relaxed. “I might actually major in anthropology. It was....really interesting.”

“Huh,” Caroline said as she mentally pictured their matching outfits.

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