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Rate My Professor-NC-17
<lj user=karahalliwell>
Author angryzen
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Shane
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Professor Shane, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert.
Summary: College preparedness includes meeting your professor before the first day of class. A visit to Whitmore leads to Bonnie's first teacher evaluation, Caroline's turn as a mentor, and Elena's first blood high. 
Timeline: The tweets take place between 4.01 and 4.03.

A/N: For those who will wonder while reading, this argument was written two or maybe three weeks before 4.08 aired.
Part 1Part 2, Part 3
Part 4 of 6

Bonnie was going to sleep with Shane. The decision was made. He was too hot for her not to....kiss him. Okay a kiss. She was going to kiss Shane.

She loved the outfit that she'd picked out. The dresses had looked like scraps on the hangers, but once they had tried them on and then made a trip to Spencer's and then Frederick's (what they were wearing underneath served to enhance their confidence about the costumes), everything had come together.

Bonnie loved the way she looked. This was a different look from the second Twitter picture she had taken. She felt different. She wanted something different. In this outfit, she became part of the new scenery she wanted. She was the change.

"Hot, hot, hot," Caroline declared as she appraised Bonnie's outfit while Elena applied Bonnie's neck wound. This was a step up from the outfit Bonnie had been wearing earlier. She had been surprised that morning when she'd seen the two outfits Bonnie had laid out as possibilities for what she might wear to Whitmore. They were cute, cute in the way that outfits were cute when one wasn't impressed by them. She had wanted to ask Bonnie when she'd found time to go shopping and why she'd decided to buy those clothes. She'd decided to keep her mouth shut because Bonnie was in mourning, so she was allowed to dress bad. Still. Bonnie dressing bad in mourning was worse than Elena doing it. At least Elena had just abstained from accessories and noticeable make-up after her parents had died. Bonnie had taken to....too many layers during her sabbatical at home.

Caroline had forgotten to keep a vigilant eye out for the costume Bonnie was choosing, but it seemed her fears had been unfounded. Seeing Bonnie in her late nineteenth  century victim costume was like meeting the true identity of a superhero. Bonnie had gone through her transformation, sartorially speaking.

"We spent way too much money," Bonnie said. They'd needed tools to do their hair,  make-up, the shoes to go with the costumes, sweaters (that matched the costumes) in case they got cold or uncomfortable, wipes to clean themselves, deodorants and body sprays, and of course the lingerie.

"Yeah, we did," Caroline said.

"Done," Elena announced.

Bonnie tentatively lowered her head and felt the wetness of her wound.

"You look beautiful. In a dead way."

"Thank you."

"Okay pictures!" Caroline's heels clop-clopped on the floor as she ran to lock the bathroom door in the drugstore where they'd bought the last of their materials, and then she whipped out her phone and gathered with Bonnie and Elena in front of the mirror.

Bonnie stood in the middle; Elena was in front of her, and Caroline brought up the back. And while Bonnie's wide smile made her face hurt, she really was in high spirits. Especially since she was thinking about Shane.

The camera went off, and Elena giggled. "What kind of victims are we?" she asked, while Caroline checked the picture.

"Prostitutes," Bonnie decided and shimmied while looking at herself in the mirror. "We were walking the street when someone killed us."

"Nice," Caroline said. She was distracted with checking the picture.

Elena shrugged in acceptance.

"We can be ghost prostitutes who've come back to haunt the person who killed us," Caroline said while pointing Elena to a corner of the wall so that the latter can take solo pictures.

"To kill the person who killed us," Bonnie said while she wound her hips and stroke her thighs. She looked too good to leave town without....flirting. Okay, flirt. She was going to flirt with Shane before the night was over.

Elena started feeling awkward after her first solo pose, but she continued like a trooper while Caroline snapped.

"Perfect. My turn!"

Caroline only took two pictures and shrugged when Elena frowned at her.

Bonnie took her pictures in front of the mirror. She pursed her lips and blew kisses, and her hands were always on a part of her body.

"Scandalous," Caroline mused while looking at the results, and Elena chuckled. "Okay," she said definitively and turned to Elena. "Ready?"

The humor seeped from Elena's face, and she nodded. Even Bonnie stopped looking at herself and stopped wondering what Shane's office looked like.

"Great," Caroline said quietly.

They picked up the various bags that contained their things and made their way to the car.

Elena sat in the backseat and kept her gaze on the scenery passing by her window.

"You're ready, right?" Caroline asked somberly when they got close to the campus.

"Yeah," Elena answered in kind.

Bonnie held herself still while she drove.

"Just remember old Elena. You want to be old Elena."

Elena chuckled. Her voice came out harder the more she spoke. "Caroline, do you remember what old Elena ate? She ate....lentil soup. And chicken. And Chinese food and pizza. She didn't eat American and Mexican and Asian Fusion."

Caroline turned in her seat as Bonnie frowned to herself. "What? What are you talking about?"

"I didn't drink blood."

"What the hell is Asian Fusion?"

"Nothing!" she snapped and looked out the window as Bonnie parked. "I don't want to drink blood." She looked at Caroline. "I don't want to want it, I---" She sighed. "And you know why I can feed from Matt while I can't feed from those people? Because he's Matt. Because I do know him. I know his name, his family, his life, where he works. I don't know those people. And if I don't know them, then why shouldn't I kill them?"

"I'm sorry. I really am, but you need to get over that. There's no other way to say it," Caroline said defensively when Elena chuckled and shook her head. "You need to get over that. You need to feed. We can't leave here until you learn how to feed on people without killing them, people who aren't Matt."

"You have no idea what this feels like."

"I---" Shock and hurt delayed Caroline's comeback a nanosecond too long, long enough for Bonnie to turn in her seat.

"What are you talking about? Stop saying that. What do you mean she doesn't know what it feels like? You have to feed from the vein; you have to feed from the vein. It's not a hard concept," she said and faced forward again. "I understand it."

"Why the hell did you guys invite me on this trip? Because it wasn't to help me."

"I didn't invite you on this trip," Bonnie muttered. She wasn't trying to hide what she said, so Elena heard her.

Elena wrenched the door open and got out of the car. Caroline and a sighing Bonnie followed.

"I'm not doing this," Elena declared and crossed her arms. "I'm done. I have other people to help me adjust, thank you very much. I'll do this when I get back home. And don't you worry about Matt," she said to Caroline. "Or do. I don't care. If you're worried about him, then talk to him not me. I'm not going to the party."

"I will. I'll talk to him. Same as I've been talking to Bonnie."

"Fuck," Bonnie let out.

Elena grabbed Caroline's arm when the latter moved to walk past her. "Did you bring me here to punish me? To show off? Which is it? You're going to talk to Matt and you've been talking to Bonnie, good for you. What does that make you, Caroline? What title does that get you? Miss what? And you knew this," she said, turning to Bonnie, tears gathering in her brown eyes, "You knew she had an axe to grind, and you----"

"Don't talk to me," Bonnie said and looked around for the building that housed Shane’s office. Because she was not going to get into it with Elena. She hadn't invited her to this trip. She tolerated her being here because she did need to get a handle on her feeding, but she wasn't interested in fighting or confronting anything.

"I'm not going to that fucking party," Elena spat. "And what have you guys been saying about me?"

Bonnie let her head fall back and closed her eyes.

"We don't talk about you," Caroline said, and she said it as if she wanted it to eat at Elena. They don't talk about her.

"Bonnie." Elena's voice tends to go down an octave when she's angry. Her pronouncement of Bonnie's name came from deep in her gut. Her emotions were revving, and she walked past Caroline, didn't spare her a glance, and stood in front of Bonnie. The witch was letting Caroline speak in her place. Elena saw now that Bonnie had things to say too, and she for some reason was willing to hang back and let Caroline come at her instead of saying her peace.

"Don't," Bonnie said, as if that would be the end of it.

"You obviously have something to say---"

"I have many things to say," Bonnie said and pinned Elena with a furious gaze. "And only some of them have anything to do with you. I have no idea where my grandmother is, Elena. I have no idea what's happening to her. I! Don't! Know! And you want me to talk about you? You think I've been talking about you? Really? Screw you! And your blood shit! I TORTURED MY GRANDMOTHER! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU! You can't talk to Matt because you have shit going on? I can't talk to you because I have shit going! And you know what?" She moved past Elena and then turned to look at her and Caroline.

"I didn't come here for this. I came here to get away from this! I'm not going to the party either. I'm going to Shane's office to get my stuff." She threw the car keys to Elena who caught them. "Do whatever you want. I don't care. I'm out of here."

She had never planned on going to the party. She hadn't picked out her costume because she planned on dancing in it. She'd picked it out so that Shane could see her and be amazed. She'd picked it out because she wanted to direct his mind.

"And since I'm not doing anything important," Caroline said while Bonnie was walking off. Elena ground down on her molars. "I might as well go to the party. No need for this trip to be a complete bust." She walked to the passenger seat, grabbed the wrinkled flyer out of the glove compartment, and went off in search of the Greek house in which the party was being hosted.

Elena got in the backseat and fumed.

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