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Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Episode 6)
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I am such a bad lj user. I need to add the rest of the Bonnie/Shane fic to this journal (all the chapters are available on ff.net and AO3), and I haven't linked the TVD podcast here in about a month (though I hope the people who use this journal to find the links still visited the blog for the new episodes).

Does anyone even visit this journal anymore? I kno cloiser_trish tops by when I post my season review of Smallville, but aside from Cana, Olu, and Mags, I wonder if I'm still on anyone's flist. Smh.


Whether people visit this journal or not, I'm going to resume reviewing Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I stopped watching it after episode 5 for no reason that I can remember. It was fun to read my reviews of episodes 1-5. I almost sound like a noob wrt reviewing tv shows. I was weird to read what I wrote about my dad's incident. That seems like such a long time ago, yet at the same time, I can't believe it's been almost three years since I last watched an episode of this show.

But onward!

Episode 6: Delicate Things

It's raining in the first scene, but no one's face is wet. Lol.

Spartacus has usurped Crixus as the Champion of Capua. I'm looking like Lucretia and Naevia: :/.

My God, the Shadow of Death messed Crixus up. Was that a blood bubble in his mouth? Ew.

Ooo. Spartacus will get Sura back, but she'll be a slave. Honestly? It could be worse. Hell, it was worse.

Aw, Barca is trying to buy his and Pietros' freedom. Same as Spartacus must now do for himself and Sura.

I knew Pietros wouldn't be here for Barca killing the family + that little boy! 

Oh, he didn't kill the little boy. -____-. Good, I guess.

Freaking.Ashur. This asshole's going to do something :/.

Batiatus uses his spit as lube and starts r*ping this slave. Ugh. And her face isn't expressionless like the girl Varro was forced to sleep with.

And he and Lucretia are just having a conversation. Just having a conversation right there! Smh.

Lucretia is so Team Crixus. Lol. 

Spartacus says that if what Sura had to endure is part of him being in the gods' favor then he'd rather the gods turn their back on him. *Love.*

I forgot that Spartacus isn't Spartacus' real name.

Two people are having sex in a crowded street. Smh.

Varro doesn't have Barca's money, so he's going to have him killed. Asshole.

God, Spartacus. I know you're going to try something, and I know the likelihood of you failing is high. I will probably watch between my fingers when it happens.

"Ovideous' (sp?) boy yet lives." "Well this is fantastic, how can it be?" Lucretia pls. Lmao. Your ~relief is overwhelming.

Lord, please don't let Barca die!

Oh Jesus, Pietros just assured Batiatus that Barca didn't kill the boy. :((((

Yes, Barca, cover your ass!!!!!

Fucking shit. Spartacus' little escape fantasy is playing out with Barca :((((.



Pietros, Jesus Christ. Ugh.


NOOOOO!!!!! I hate everything!!!!

And fucking Ashur. Bitch, I hope you die a painful death. ASSHOLE!

I cannot.HANDLE THIS! Why isn't this the end of the episode?!

Lucretia, if you're gonna start putting your hands on Naevia, you and I are going to part ways. I am not in the mood rn -___-.


NONE of this bullshit is okay. ;_____;.

Ugh, I can't even feel for Pietros right now. I'm too distraught over Barca.

Oh wooooow. Sura's dead :(.

Did Ashur do it?!

Ugh, at least they were reunited. :((((

Wow. WOW! Batiatus did it. I'm just.....oh my God. 

I did not expect all of this to happen on my first episode back. Wtf?

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Hey! I'm a huge Spartacus fan, and I have to say I've really enjoyed all your entries on the show. Are you watching currently? Am all caught up myself, and rather gutted about this being the last season.

Anyway, do keep writing your thoughts on this. I assume you're watching blood and sand atm?


Hi! Yeah, I'm currently watching. I watched episode 7, though I didn't blog about it. But since you want me to keep writing my thoughts, I'll be sure to write down my reaction to episode 8!

Yeah, I'm still on Blood and Sand.

Aw babe, it was a shocker wasn't it? *huggles*

I was er *ahem* hoping that you'd carry on XD

Hi! Wow, I didn't expect someone to commit these many months after! I'm gonna try hard to get back into watch the show. I'm behind on so many of my shows, because I have less time now :(. But I definitely still want to watch and review Spartacus. I actually liveblogged episodes 7 and 8, I think, so I should copy them from my Tumblr and onto here.

Well I'm checking all my friends entries for the juicy stuff cz its been a while since I've been on here lol ;) I've always loved your reviews so I thought I'd give you a little surprise by commenting XD

I hope you do copy them cz it'll be alot easy to discuss and comment on lol I'm glad we pretty much have the same reactions when we watch the show. I might actually rewatch it tbh :D

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