angryzen (angryzen) wrote,

TVD Podcast: Catch Me if You Can

Co-host: Olu

This episode blessed Olu and me with gifts: we both got Bonnie Expressing her anger and her powers, and Olu’s dream came true when Rebekah and Stefan engaged in some knife play foreplay. Bonnie and Rudy’s interactions continue to develop nicely, Jeremy shined, Kol shined, Shane shined, and there were other people in the episode.

Quotes of the Podcast “A bar of vampires. What do you call a group of vampires? A bar.”

“I’m really enjoying, more than I expected to, what they’re doing with Rudy. Because he’s clearly her father, and there are clearly issues there. [Bonnie’s like] ‘You’ve been absent, and you can’t act like you’ve been there,’ and he’s like: girl, I’m still your father.”-Olu

On the knife-play scene: “This is everything I’ve wanted from a Stefan and Rebekah scene since The End of the Affair.”-Olu

“When [Rebekah] said ‘I love other cultures,’ there was a part of me that was like: yeah, I bet you do, you freakin’ colonialist.”


Tags: episode reviews, podcast, the vampire diaries
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