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TVD Podcast: A View To A Kill
<lj user=karahalliwell>
Co-host: Olu

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Kol.

Quotes of the Podcast: ldquo;He is dead! Dead and gone; ashes to ashes; dust to dust. Burnt, went up in flames. Gone! Thank you for that writers, because it was exactly what we wanted, and it was great.”

n Stefan/Rebekah, “Rebekah’s making their scenes for me.”-Olu

“Why isn’t there mass panic with the vampires trying to re-group and rebuild their numbers? Humans should be under attack. If this show was worth anything, our ‘heroes’ would get word of that. A lot of people are being turned, because the vampires don’t want to go extinct.”

“I actually hope that [Bonnie] is wrong about [Expression], because there’s something about them spitting on the Spirits and Nature and basically the magic that basically protected Bonnie this whole time, spitting on it and saying it’s not good enough. Something about that annoys me a lot.”

“You wanna be above Nature? Say that you’re above the spirits. You’re not above Nature. You’re not above what’s compelling them to compel you.”-Olu