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These Memories (NC-17)

Title: These Memories
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Caroline
Timeline: Daddy Issues AU
Summary: Bonnie's attempt to comfort Caroline after her ordeal with Brady leads the girls to cross a threshold in their friendship.

Part 1, Part 2

I'm not even going to try to c/p the third part because I know LJ will tell me it's too big. Instead here's an excerpt, followed by an external link to

Caroline grinned when the backs of her knees hit the bed. She fell on it and scooted back while Bonnie prowled toward her on all fours. Her heart could sing, so happy was she. This was what she’d been waiting for since morning. It had been way too easy for her liking to imagine that last night might have been a dream or a one night stand. But it was daylight now; the sun shined through her slightly opened blinds, illuminating everything, and what she saw was the Bonnie from last night, the confident one who wanted her and who looked like she knew exactly what she wanted to do to her. They weren’t protected by the anonymity of night. The sun was out, and Bonnie was taking off her underwear. She fixed her pillow under her head and commited the feel of Bonnie’s hands on her thighs to memory. She bit her bottom lip when Bonnie seperated her legs.

Part 3
Tags: bonnie/caroline, fic, nc-17, the vampire diaries
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