angryzen (angryzen) wrote,

TVD Podcast: Into the Wild

Co-host: Olu

Klaus poisons Caroline in order to make the shippers swoon, and we talk about the fact that Caroline reacts to the bite differently than every other vampire. Elena continues her rivalry with Rebekah in a way that doesn’t quite say ‘I’m pissed because you killed me,’ and we learn about who Shane got his Expression information from. Finally, Bonnie gropes a hot guy and manages to not start a forest fire.

Quotes of the Podcast: “I don’t understand this [Klaroline] ship. I don’t get it. I don’t know where it’s going. I don’t know why the writers are making these choices if they want people to like this thing.”

“So did [Caitlin] kill 12 people or no? This is so messy, this story.”

“Energy that doesn’t occur in Nature. Where does it occur? What is outside of Nature? [...] Where are they drawing it from? If it’s from another plane, isn’t that just Nature in another plane?”-Olu

“My problem is that no one’s around defending Nature. No one’s like, ‘Well maybe we should trust Nature because, you know, we’re not automatonic robots. We’re not living on a planet that’s a robot as well. We’re on earth.’”-Olu


Tags: episode reviews, podcast, the vampire diaries
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