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TVD Podcast: Bring it On

JAJP’s 100th episode is marked by another of my co-hosts quitting. Thanks, Julie Plec! Julie also gifts me with an episode that will not matter in the long run: Elena’s switch is off, which means she has no feelings. So she rebels against the Salvatores and Caroline because she has no feelings, is jealous because she has no feelings, tries to murder Caroline because she has no feelings, and says she feels amazing because she has no feelings. Somewhere else in the episode, Klaus and Hayley try to create chemistry between them but then give up and just have the sex.

Quotes of the Podcast: “[Bonnie] is the person who could’ve kept the emotional weight of episode 15 going. She is the only character who could’ve done that. By keeping Bonnie out of this episode, they successfully made it so there was no emotional continuity between episode 15 and episode 16.”

“Stefan said at one point ‘this is what she wanted; this was her plan; she wanted us distracted so that she could leave.’ But that kind of makes no sense because that would mean that Elena knew that by throwing this party----this means that right after Elena dropped Caroline, she came up with the plan to kidnap her mother and try to kill Caroline. Stefan’s line says that Elena was planning to murder Caroline. You see what I’m saying? [....] So is Stefan saying that Elena was going to commit pre-meditated murder? [....] His line kind of makes no sense to me.”

“Tell me if you took the line another way, but I thought she means ‘technically’ as in having technique as a fighter. Going off of that meaning, I think it makes sense for it to be possible for someone who is a trained fighter to be able to overtake a vampire who only has brute strength on their side. But here’s the problem: being a technical fighter, being a trained fighter, has never factored into any other vampire winning a fight. [....] I call bs. Right when Caroline’s strength and speed made her a shoe-in to beat Elena, suddenly strength and speed are not enough; you need to be a trained fighter; there goes Caroline’s advantage.”


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