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Rate My Professor-NC-17

Author angryzen
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie/Shane
Characters: Bonnie Bennett, Professor Shane, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert.
Summary: College preparedness includes meeting your professor before the first day of class. A visit to Whitmore leads to Bonnie's first teacher evaluation, Caroline's turn as a mentor, and Elena's first blood high. 
Timeline: The tweets take place between 4.01 and 4.03.

A/N: For those who will wonder while reading, this argument was written two or maybe three weeks before 4.08 aired.
Part 1Part 2, Part 3
Part 4 of 6

Bonnie was going to sleep with Shane. The decision was made. He was too hot for her not to....kiss him. Okay a kiss. She was going to kiss Shane.

She loved the outfit that she'd picked out. The dresses had looked like scraps on the hangers, but once they had tried them on and then made a trip to Spencer's and then Frederick's (what they were wearing underneath served to enhance their confidence about the costumes), everything had come together.

Bonnie loved the way she looked. This was a different look from the second Twitter picture she had taken. She felt different. She wanted something different. In this outfit, she became part of the new scenery she wanted. She was the change.

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 7: Why I Love Bonnie

I love Bonnie because she's Black.


Every so often, someone who's probably White tries to attain relevancy by telling Bonnie fans that they only like Bonnie because she's Black. Except they say it like some kind of accusation. As if loving Bonnie because she's Black invalidates Bonnie fans' feelings about her? There are some people, who are probably White, who say that only Black people love Bonnie and any ship involving Bonnie (and these ships are made interracial by the fact that every potential love interest for Bonnie is white as snow), but I have a stronger side-eye for the former.

I love Bonnie because she's Black, because I'm Black, and I love witches, and I'v never atched a television show featuring a Black witch. As a matter of fact, let's play a game, and you can take all the time you want:

Name five Black witches in a tv series, who were on Bonnie's level. And you can include Bonnie. It doesn't matter if the series was short-lived, so you can count shows lik The Secret Circle n Eastwick. But name five Black witches who went through the journey of discovering their powers, fought enemies, etc. Give me five names, characters through which we saw the journey of witchcraft, and they happened to be Black. And I'll name five White ones. Go!

Head on here to read more reasons why I love Bonnie Bennett!

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 6: Free For All

I've been using Bonnie Bennett Appreciation week to wave my "I love Bonnie's magic" flag. Today is a free for all, and I can't very well disappoint you, can I? On this day where we can talk about anything regarding Bonnie, I'm going to talk about the favorites that I didn't get a chance to spotlight in the first five days.

I'm going to talk about my favorite Bonnie power, favorite use of a power, my favorite dream prophecy, top three favorite spells she's cast, and a power that I'd like to see.

Click here to read my not so poetic waxing about Bonnie's powers and spells!

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 5: Favorite Hero Moment

I apologize for being late in linking the rest of my entires BB appreciation week. I hope some of you checked out the blog where I host the entries and were able to read the rest. Now onward to my favorite Bonnie hero moment!

I stared at this theme for a little bit. I don't know; I don't think about Bonnie's hero moments in terms of favorites and least favorites.

My first instinct wasn't to choose a moment when she did a spell and averted a crisis. My first instinct was to go with a moment where she showed consideration for others in times of a crisis. So moments like when she invaded Luka's mind and then looked affected when she discovered that he had a stake in this too. Moments like when the Salvatores asked her to help out with Mason to save Elena, and she had a moment of hesitation because she wanted to ask questions before she shot. Moments like how contemplative she looked after she performed the spell that banished Vicky to the other side, leaving Matt alone again.

Those are the moments that separate Bonnie from the other characters that Julie Plec labels "heros."

The reason I'm going wit this pecific moment is because of what went in to it.

Head on here to read why this moment stands out as my favorite Bonnie hero moment!

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favorite Relationship

When Sheila died, all Bonnie had was her magic. She didn’t have her dad because he didn’t want to hear all facets of her grief (the supernatural part). She couldn’t tell Caroline everything. Elena was in the middle of it in a way that wasn’t beneficial to Bonnie. All she had was her magic! She practiced it and worked on it and got better at it.

It’s the one thing that can’t can’t disappoint her, and I do read Bonnie as realizing this on a subconscious level (Bonnie’s subconscious, not mine). Her mom will abandon her; her dad will ignore her; her best friend will choose others over her; her boyfriend will cheat on her; people will disappoint her and fail her. But hermagic is the one thing Bonnie has complete control over. Whether it works or fails is completely dependent on Bonnie herself.

Read more on my favorite Bonnie relationship here!

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 3: Favorite Non-Magical Moment

Losing Sheila was a horrible, amazing thing that happened to Bonnie. When she lost Sheila, she lost protection, she lost a fountain of knowledge, she lost a foundation, she lost a safety net, she lost boundaries. Bonnie has her boundaries for sure, but we know they’ve gotten murkier and murkier. Not only that, but the boundaries that Bonnie has made for herself aren’t as strict as the boundaries Sheila would’ve placed on her, and we know this from the time Sheila warned her to stay out of vampire business in 3×07; we know this from when Abby wondered what Sheila would think about Bonnie being in the middle of vamp business in 3×15 and Bonnie responded that Sheila was probably screaming from the other side, and, most recent, we know this from Sheila literally placing a boundary on Bonnie in 4×01 when she cut her off from Elena and told her that the girl wasn’t her problem to solve.

Find out what my favorite non-magical moment is here.
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Today Sucked

I've been feeling weird for the past couple of days. I describe it, the few times I talk about it, as feeling "down." I feel a mix of "waiting for something," "doing things I don't want to do," and "things could be better."

I teared up in the bathroom at school. It was strange. And I think the catalyst was the fact that I forgot my wallet at home. This is after I had to tell a classmate who let me borrow her book so that I could make copies for next week, that I lost her damn book. I don't think I could've left it in the scanner at the library, but I'm home now and I don't see it, and yep....I left it in the damn scanner. Ugh.

And I was thinking about my apartment that I need to sublease for Spring, and I've been thinking about this burden since about last month. I think it's resolved now, at least. I didn't find anyone, but I had prepaid February, March, and April, so if I let them keep the money and just pay December and January, then I'll be good. It'll be like I'm still living there (I'll have to keep the keys until the lease is up), but I just won't be there. And honestly that's better to me than the other options they were telling me, where I'd have to pay back the concessions they gave me when I signed the lease on top of any concessions they gave the subleaser they would have to find. What the fuck? No. I'd rather lose the money than have to keep in mind, while I'm away, what I owe them. Really. I'd rather just be done with them and move on.

There's also something weird going on with my financial aid wrt next semester and this intership I got, so you know. More wonderful stuff.

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I want to write a TVD Christmas fic!

Or a TVD New Years fic. That is what I'm about at this fine 2am. I can't remember if I wrote a holiday fic last year. Which probably means I didn't. I'm almost done with Rate My Professor, only two more chapters to go. And despite the fact that I already semi-promised someone a fic back in like August (well, I owe two people fics), and I have fics that I should either be updating or producing sequels to or ending (like These Memories), I'd like to work on something festive next.

Or a threesome fic. Parce que I'm also on a Jeremy/Bonnie/Tyler kick. Again. Thanks to this fic I'm reading, ugh. I will create this threesome fic before the show gets cancelled, don't mark my words.

If anyone has a holiday scenario in mind, hijinks, a theme, whatever, then let me know in the comments. I'd also love it if you specified a season and the characters/pairing you want included or that you want the story to be about. Bonnie is my favorite character, juuust in case you aren't familiar. So, you know, don't start the prompt with "Caroline's feeling," unless you're prompting Caro/Bon as a pairing or friendship situation.

If you prompt me Bamon, understand that there is a high, hiiiiigh chance that I won't pick your prompt :(. Sorries, but How Bonnie Does Sexual Frustration was a fluke. A fluke! Stefonnie is just straight out of the question. Even for season 1, probably. Klonnie, Kennett. Mmm-mmm. I don't go there. I don't even know who Kol is, and I'd rather put Klaus with Greta. I mean prompting gen is always good.

And since my fics tend to run a little long, I'll probably only choose one prompt, the one that interests me the most. But I won't choose until I've completed Rate My Professor. That's also when I'll give myself a deadline to complete the fic.

I'm posting this on tumblr too. Casting a wide net and all.

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Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 1: Favorite Magical Moment

How much power does it take to kill an Original?

The answer to your question is, a lot.

I feel that Bonnie's season 2 arc remains the best she's had on the series. It's an arc that started in season 1 when Sheila died and found its legs in season 2 and climaxed in episode 17. Yes, episode 17, not episode 18 when she actually fights Klaus. The arc I'm talking about is Bonnie's personal journey to feel and be powerful.

The rest is hosted here.